Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best Clubs in Prague: The Party Destination for European Backpackers

The city of Prague has become an increasingly popular European backpacking destination over the last decade or so. Its reputation as a party city is well deserved, with its nightlife second to none in Eastern/Central Europe and its numerous and ample hostels offer an easy way for backpackers to crash after a heavy session at very reasonable prices. Check out your options online then you can pre-book to ensure you have somewhere to sleep upon arrival – although with clubs like this you may not get much sleep!

Drinking out in Prague’s bars and clubs, while significantly more expensive than in previous years remains extremely good value (compared to the UK anyway) with bars away from the city centre being particularly cheap at around £1 per pint. However, the more popular and touristy location of Wenceslas Square has more upmarket bars and restaurants that while are generally fantastic places to visit can be a little more pricy. Don’t let this put you off however as this is very much party central for any backpacker. This area of town also features the famous centrepiece statue of St. Wenceslas: Duke of Bohemia in all his glory.

Another extremely popular nightspot for European and American backpackers is the famous 5 story club in Prague: The Karlovy Lazne - which is located extremely close to the town’s well known Charles Bridge. The club as you can imagine is very big (indeed, to my knowledge this is the biggest club in the whole of Prague which is an achievement in itself although it also claims to be the biggest in central Europe) – and with 5 floors to choose from you are bound to find some music to suit your taste and hang out with some cool people. This club seems to be pretty popular with both tourists and locals alike and with so much choice, a very relaxed dress code, the sheer volume of people (at weekends in particular) and good value drinks on offer its understandable why. At the end of the night if you are feeling hungry why not check out a delicious hotdog on your way out! As always, if you have any travel questions about my trips in europe please email me.