Tuesday, April 26, 2011

St Ives, Cornwall – One of the Best Holiday Destinations in the UK

When people travel to the UK there is a natural tendency for the majority of visitors from overseas to gravitate towards the city of London. While the country’s capital does of course have a great deal to offer backpackers, families and couples alike including many great visitor attractions, it is completely wrong to assume that this is all the UK has to offer. Above all else, the country has some highly underrated coastal regions that are great ways of seeing a different side to the countries history and heritage rather than just the usual London based tourist traps.

     Amongst my personal favourite places to visit in the UK is Cornwall. The region – based at the countries most south westerly tip – offer beautiful scenery and coastline, great beaches, towns, restaurants and pubs which are ideal for visitors from the UK and abroad. The weather is also generally considered to be amongst the best in the UK, with some very comfortable summer temperatures and high sun levels for the UK making it a great place to stop off at if you are looking for a short summer break.

     Younger party seeking visitors and fans of surfing will enjoy the popular destination of Newquay, but there are other great places to visit in Cornwall including Padstow (famous for Chef Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant) and St Ives - which has a thriving artistic community and heritage. If you are a traveler seeking to cut back on costs or enjoy cooking your own food, self catering St Ives can be booked online, but during the peak summer months in the UK can tend to become busy – so book early in order to avoid disappointment. The town also hosts a 15 day arts festival in September that proves very popular and draws a great deal of visitors to the town, so during this period you may also find apartments in St Ives become less readily available. Another option for accommodation could be to stay in a Caravan Park in Cornwall which can offer dog friendly options for people visiting the region.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ensure You Have Medical Insurance Before You Travel

Whether you are planning a 12 month backpacking trip visiting numerous great destinations around the world or are simply planning a short weekend break in one of the many top cities that Europe has to offer, you should always consider one simple thing before you travel - are you covered in case of a medical emergency? While the potential possibility of being either injured or sick whilst on a holiday break or backpacking excursion is of course the last thing anyone will want to be thinking about in the build up to the big day when you get on that plane and set off on the trip of a lifetime - it is highly advisable that you take the time prior to departing to get suitable travel medical insurance that will cover you for your given destination and also that incorporates cover for the full length of  your stay.
     When booking travel insurance cover it is also critical to ensure that your policy will also provide adequate cover for all the activities you are likely to undertake during your trip - particularly if you are planning any potentially dangerous activities such as skiing, water sports or bungee jumping. Always study the small print and key points of the policy carefully and take into account any excess you may have to pay in case of having to make a claim. In order to take the hassle out of booking travel insurance, there are now a number of travel medical insurance comparison sites you can use to quickly compare the price of travel insurance policies that offer the cover you may need for your holiday. Policy prices will differ depending on your length of stay and holiday destination but always remember it is better to be safe than sorry.