Monday, January 30, 2012

Reminiscing About Venice - My Holiday in Pictures

Being sat back at home in freezing cold England makes me want to go travelling again, and although I am set for a short break in Riga in February - which I'm sure will be great fun, its not exactly going to be warm there either at that time of the year! All the cold weather has made me think about some of the great holiday destinations in Europe I have been privileged enough to have visited in the last few years, and in turn this inspired me to start looking back at some of my old photo collections from these trips. One set of photos that made me feel a lot warmer inside were my pictures of Venice, taken during my trip to the stunning Italian city during summer 2010. I have shared below some of what I consider to be my favourite pictures from Venice here, so you too can see what a wonderful city it is - making it surely one of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

Grande Canal

Venice's biggest and most famous of all its many waterways in all its glory!


Venice's world renowned mode of transport - but not a cheap one!

Bridge of Sighs

There are few more famous and architecturally stunning bridges across the world - but it is now sadly covered in advertising boards :(

Fish Market

Eating fresh fish and seafood in Venice's restaurants was one of the highlights of my visit - and the fish market from which it all is bought is a great thing to visit and experience in itself.