Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advantages of Buying Travel Money Online Prior to Arrival

When backpackers or holidaymakers alike travel to Europe or the UK it is often the case that they will choose to buy the majority if not all of the appropriate local currency on arrival at their chosen destination - be it London, Prague or Paris. Some may also take the option of using a local bureau de change in their hone city or town. However, in both of these instances, travellers may find that the rate of exchange may not be competitive - or that the broker may offer a good rate to entice customers in but then whack on a "service charge" or commission which can regularly stand at around 10%.

With the growth of online shopping in the last decade or so, it is perhaps not surprising to know that a lot of the services that consumers would regularly source locally are also moving to the world wide web - bringing with them similar advantages of reduced overhead and staffing costs which can then be passed on to customers. The travel money exchange market is indeed no exception to this rule - with foreign currency exchange sites now servicing countries across the world from Bahrain to Zimbabwe.

So if you are travelling to Europe this winter to enjoy the holiday season, why not first consider if you could save money by buying foreign currency online in your country of origin before you depart to Europe.