Sunday, March 25, 2012

Staying in Bournemouth Hotels? Make the Most of the Ocean.

If you are staying in one of Bournemouth’s hotels, than here’s our guide on how to make the most of Bournemouth’s biggest playground – the seaside.

Award Winning Seaside

It’s impossible not to be inspired by mile after mile of clean, soft, golden sand – Bournemouth’s breathtaking beaches are its biggest attraction by far.

Bournemouth beaches won no less than six awards at the 2006 Seaside Awards proving that Bournemouth has some of the cleanest, safest and best beaches in the UK. What better reason to choose Bournemouth hotels for your summer holiday?

Bournemouth Pier beach, Boscombe Pier beach, Fisherman’s Walk, Southbourne, Durley Chine and Alum Chine all received awards, which were judged on water quality, toilet facilities, bathing safety, cleanliness, access, first aid, litter bins and environmental care.

Bournemouth Hotels

If you and your family like to be besides the seaside and you’ve checked in to one of Bournemouth’s hotels, than you’ll probably be spending a significant part of your holiday on the beach. The local beaches are patrolled by RNLI lifeguards but there are always some safety tips you should take into consideration. Last year they saved 27 lives and were called to 7,226 incidents. Here are some RNLI top tips:

Don’t take inflatables out to sea – although great for the pool, the wind can blow them out to sea swiftly. Surf conditions can be dangerous too. If you do take an inflatable to the beach, make sure the line is connected to the shore, or held by an adult. Avoid altogether in strong weather.
Rip currents lurk under the surface and can drag swimmers from the shallows to the depths. Always try and remain calm, fighting against a current will exhaust you. Make noise and raise your hand for help.
If there are red and yellow flags on the beach, swim between them.
Keep a look out for any safety signs.
When in doubt, ask a lifeguard for advice.

Underwater Adventure

If you want to avoid the dangers of the real sea than you can certainly get enough thrills and spills visiting Bournemouth’s Oceanarium. One of the advantages of staying in Bournemouth hotels and spending a few days and nights in the town is the vast array of attractions for all the family.

It may seem surprising staying at Bournemouth hotels to find the world at your feet but Bournemouth’s Oceanarium takes you through the marine wonders of the world including the Amazon, Mediterranean, Africa, The Ganges, Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, Key West and even…..The Abyss!

The Oceanarium is an interactive experience with feeding demonstrations, a walk-through underwater tunnel and exhibits exploring the mysteries of marine life from African land snails to Zebra Cichlids.

The beach and ocean make Bournemouth the biggest and best playground for children of all ages – book your stay in one of Bournemouth’s hotels this summer. specialise in beach cottages, villas and apartments worldwide and throughout Europe and the UK.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vienna & Bratislava – Kilometres Yet Poles Apart

Separated in purely geographical terms by a mere 80 kilometres if travelling by road (perhaps around 55 kilometres “as the crow flies”) the 2 great European capital cities of Vienna and Bratislava offer the visitor 2 equally exciting and worthwhile tastes of European life that are perhaps to be considered “unashamedly” different to each other.  As a British backpacker taking the opportunity to spend a couple of days in each of these cities (divided by a brief yet exhilarating trip via a high speed boat along the river Danube - that I guarantee will surely beat any bus or train journey) I could not help but feel that somehow this was almost an unofficial “watershed” point between Eastern and Western Europe.

     The lasting memory of Austria’s capital Vienna for me was the sheer grandeur architectural styling of its “museum quarter” – during the day time a site to behold in itself from the area’s exterior, even if you were not to explore the many cultural and historical treasures that lay within the Modern Art or Leopold museum interiors. At night the museum quarter becomes a trendy place for local students to hang out and for backpackers to enjoy a local wheat beer in glamorous surroundings.

     Slovakia’s capital Bratislava while different in many ways to Vienne was none the less exciting to visit. The great attraction of the city is undoubtedly its old town area – for me one of the best (although not the largest) in Central and Eastern Europe. Packed with relaxed bars and restaurants all offering great drinks and food at extremely affordable prices, a visit to Bratislava’s Old Town is one that should not be overshadowed by more famous Old Town centres in Europe. Bratislava too holds an excellent castle –a must for any visitor – which towers on a hill above the Danube. Aside from offering a good visitor experience in itself, scaling the hill to reach the castle will provide an awesome view of the city.