Friday, October 16, 2009

The Lake District: The Best Scenic Holiday Destination In England

Wherever I have been on my travels the first thing someone says to me when i tell them I am from is England is "Are you from London?". The answer to this I have to say is a resounding "no" - and let me tell you there is far more to the UK that is worth visiting than it's illustrious and internationally renowned capital city. Indeed, if you are a traveler young or old or are even planning a family holiday or vacation and are thinking of visiting England for the first time but are is looking for an alternative to the usual site seeing trips to the city of London, why not instead look for a more serene and scenic alternative than the hustle and bussel of the capital and instead please give some special consideration to the incredible natural beauty of the Lake District - my favorite area of the British Isles. Situated in the North West of England in the county of Cumbria, the Lake District offers unique scenery quite unique to anywhere else in Europe and is an ideal location for any traveler who loves walking, hiking, cycling, camping or any other outdoor activity as the natural landscape offers the perfect backdrop for any such pursuit.

The Lake District's main claim to fame and also a key attraction for English people and tourists alike is that it has the highest point of altitude in all of England - Scafell Pike - and offers fantastic views of the surrounding area on a clear day. Although modest in its height by even European standards (standing at 978 meters tall) Scafell is an excellent place to take a walk if you ever get the chance to visit the North of England and forms one part of the famous national 3 peaks challenge. In spite of the fact that you may find the idea of climbing a mountain a rather daunting prospect, let me tell you that the beauty of the place is that it is very accessible to anyone who is reasonably fit and mobile and requires no specialist equipment to traverse other than a decent pair of hiking boots and a rain coat if you plan to visit in the summer months. although rain is to be expected and snow is likely near the summit, the paths to the top are very clearly laid out and frequented by many people of all ages every year.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Enjoying the Sites and Sounds of Florence - Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance

The city of Florence is the capital of the Tuscan region of Italy and a city steeped in rich history and renaissance art. Lying along the river Arno, the city is a sheer delight to behold with its fantastic buildings and architecture. Florence is without question a “must see” for any young backpacker travelling across Europe - although it may not necessarily be the first city that springs to mind when you are planning your trip. Established in the year 59BC by the famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, it was originally an army camp for Roman army veterans. However, it is more famous as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance during the middle ages with buildings constructed in the classical “Romanesque” style such as the Basilica Di San Miniato al Monte also helping to define the city of Florence and its architecture.

The main landmark of the city however is surely the fantastic Santa Maria del Fiore - a cathedral famed for its large dome - which remains open for visitors to the city to help them enjoy spectacular views of the city and its ornate buildings from up on high. Along the Arno is the Ponte Vecchio bridge which is also worth a visit for any tourist or traveler in Florence.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Enjoying The Beauty of Venice

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and physically unique cities in the entire world, the great city of Venice located in Northern Italy presents a travel destination quite like no other for any young backpacker travelling around Europe. Venice is of course most famous for its numerous rivers and canals that help to clearly define the unique and intriguing natural characteristics of this Italian Adriatic jewel.

The city itself is built upon 118 small islands that sit proudly amongst this intense intertwined network of waterways. When you picture the perfect ideal of Venice in your mind you always think of images of romantic boat trips on summer evenings - and travelling serenely along the waterways of the city by the numerous traditional gondolas that can be hired is surely a must have experience for any tourist or backpacker visiting the city and is also a great way of taking in the city's incredible architecture.

Indeed, it is these enduring images and traditions that not surprisingly have continued to make Venice a very popular holiday destination for young couples travelling around Europe.