Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stunning Beaches in Europe

Winter’s come-a-knocking but if you’re a sun worshipper looking to escape the wintery blues of home, here are some of the most stunning destinations in Europe to help you plan your next beach holiday.

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You may be stuck in Coldsville at the moment, but keep your hot water bottle close and keep on dreaming of summer 2012. Here are some gorgeous beach destinations to keep your spirits up until the bitter weather blows over...

The Best Beaches in Europe:


Croatia has grown into one of the more recent top party destinations for group holidays. But the country still maintains its dignity as a cultured and beautiful holiday location. The Blue Flag Baska Voda beach sits neatly in the breathtaking view of the Biokovo Mountains and Krka National Park is also a coveted hotspot of incredible beauty.


Known worldwide for its golden sands, Bulgaria is still a place of unspoiled beauty. Because the beaches are closely monitored and regularly maintained, the area will hopefully remain unspoiled for as long as possible.


Myrtos beach in Kefalonia is one of the most dramatically stunning beaches around, a true picture of beauty and a wonderful melting pot of soft sands and limestone pebbles.

Top Winter Travel Destinations in Europe

Winter is a beautiful season for travel and some of the best holidays in Europe are during the colder season. Whether you’re interested in living abroad during the winter, or you just want a short weekend break, here are some of the most beautiful winter travel destinations...

1. Austria – the city of Vienna is a stunning centre of architectural beauty, and in the winter it is a treat for all of those who appreciate the romance of a cold winter’s day. Austria also offers various skiing locations with luxury chalets and cottages.

2. Finland – home to Lapland, Finland is truly one of the most beautiful winter holiday destinations in the world. It is also one of the few places on the globe where you can catch the breathtaking sights of the Northern Lights.

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3. Germany – Frankfurt is home to the original Frankfurt Christmas markets. Here you can enjoy the sights of the annual giant Christmas tree and a variety of interesting market stalls. Enjoy a mulled wine as you watch the world go by or shop around for unique gifts and crafts which have been handmade by locals.

4. Iceland – Reykjavik is one of the strangest cities in the world, surrounded by landscapes which are just out of this world.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Renting Log Cabins with Hot Tubs – The Best Relaxing Holiday Possible

If your idea of a great holiday is kicking back, relaxing and enjoying time spent together with your best friends in beautiful natural surroundings - then renting out log cabins with hot tubs in fabulous locations right here in the UK may be the perfect break for you. Typically accommodating up to 7 people, renting out a log cabin can be a fantastic way of escaping all the stress of your job and instead having a long weekend off to put your feet up. You may choose to either spend a romantic weekend with your partner or as a group of friends, colleagues or classmates but you are sure to have a memorable and fun holiday right here in the UK.

     As the nights draw in here in the UK and winter is moving in, it may seem very tempting to take a holiday overseas during the winter – but renting a fully centrally heated login cabin featuring a beautiful warm hot tub will ensure you can beat the cold weather and stay snug and warm regardless of the time of year in which you choose to take your holiday. The modern styling of the majority of the UK’s log cabins also adds to your luxury holiday experience to make you feel all the more at ease in your stay.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Student Travel Insurance: What to Consider When Buying

As a student heading out to see the world, you quickly realize there are many reasons you need a flexible travel insurance policy that can cover many of the contingencies you may face while out on the road. If you are travelling for research with graduate programs online or travelling with a student group, it is important for you to be covered in an emergency.

Not only do you need adequate health coverage, but you will want to consider covering personal property so you can replace your valuables if they lost or stolen. You can even purchase a travel insurance policy that will refund your money if your trip is cancelled or you miss connections and find yourself stranded.

Existing Health Insurance Coverage

If you have existing health insurance, review it carefully to see what it does and does not cover when you travel abroad. Some policies are only good in the country of origin, while others offer limited coverage while you are traveling.

The more expensive health insurance plans often cover you when you travel but require main office approval to authorize treatment. You also need to check for provisions covering such extreme conditions as quarantines or emergency evacuations. In such situations, even if you are in good health you could be facing challenging circumstances where the right kind of coverage would make rescue services available.

Carefully go through the list of exclusions in an existing health insurance policy to see if there are stipulations about covering accidents while intoxicated or that prohibit participation in certain sports. Consider if you will have the resources on hand to pay the current deductible amount or if you should arrange to have it decreased in exchange for paying higher premiums while you are traveling.

Travel-Only Health Insurance Coverage

If you are traveling abroad through your college or university, they might have requirements regarding the type of health insurance needed to participate in their program. Consult with the student health insurance office since they typically offer flexible, low cost plans that can be tailor-made to suit the regions you will be visiting.

If your travel is not directly related to your school, or if your classes are online, you will want to find an independent insurance travel agent that offers health insurance packages that can be set for the specific dates and locations where you will be traveling. These policies can be piggybacked on existing health insurance plans to provide extended coverage only for those contingencies not covered by your primary carrier. Group contracts are awarded to insurance companies who specialize in international travel and extend to leisure activities that may be associated with a group trip.

Check the insurance policy to see if they offer assistance finding medical care in other countries. You may want to confirm that they will reimburse you for medical expenses like prescriptions so you have the option to pay cash up front.

Another factor to consider is pre-existing conditions caused by injury, illness or disease since most policies automatically exclude coverage. You have to sign a pre-existing condition waiver and purchase that part of the coverage in a lump sum before you leave.

Other Travel Insurance Policies

Along with the mandatory student travel health insurance, look into coverage for such nightmare scenarios as losing your passport and identification or having your luggage stolen in transit. You can also obtain travel insurance that will refund your money if your trip is cancelled or you have to return early because of an emergency at home.

Ideally, student travel insurance should be broad enough to cover all contingencies so you can seek and receive medical help, have lost or stolen valuables replaced, and have resources available in case your travel plans abruptly change, but you shouldn’t have to pay outrageous prices for most plans and can often get a student discount. Looking on online forums and insurance review sites can also help you look for highly recommended insurance options available.