Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stag Weekends In Leeds: Rock Harder Than Any Other European City

Hello once again people of the world - hope you are all ok! It certainly feels like a long, long time since I last updated my travel blog and indeed, the main reason for this is that for the time being at least, my backpacking days are numbered. Yes, suffice to say I'm back in good old Blighty (if you don't know this is the slang term for Britain), back at work as an office boy and basically trying to save up my pennies once again for another exciting trip around the great cities that Europe and indeed the rest of the world may have to offer.

Of course, having said this I've realised having returned from my numerous excursions in far away lands that it's all too easy to forget how many fantastic cities that the UK has to offer in terms of nightlife and hot women and none more so than Leeds - the city some say (mostly people from Leeds admittedly!) is "the pride of Yorkshire". I've been lucky enough (or possibly unlucky enough going on the state of my health after previous such occasions) to recently be invited onto the stag do of a very good friend of mine - and as you may have guessed this is set to take place "oop north" as it were in the great city of Leeds. Many people seem to go abroad for stag nights these days, but call me old fashioned - I personally don't think it’s fair to inflict a bunch of drunken English lads onto the most beautiful, historic, and cultured cities in Europe.

For those of you who aren't from England, I feel I should point out that Leeds has quickly become THE place to go out and party in the north of England over the last few years and has arguably some of the best selection of clubs to make any stag do go off with a bang. Whether your tastes are for Dance music and the famous Gatecrasher club, funk and soul at the Hi Fi club or indie and rock nights at the famous Cockpit club then there are undoubtedly very few cities in the country better to take out your mates on a stag do. The locals seem to head down to the many bars on call lane but be wary of this as they only tend to take mixed sex groups. Don't let this put you off a stag party in Leeds though. Indeed, in my experience (and having enjoyed several English stag nights of other friends in the cities of Newcastle and Nottingham), Leeds stag parties simply rock like no other.

Don't forget too that before the hardcore drinking commences you are in a perfect location to enjoy some good team outdoor activities in the Yorkshire Dales - from paintballing to clay pigeons you are sure to find something to get the testosterone flowing. So if one of your mates is thinking of having his big night out in the UK - why not take my advice and get involved with a massive stag party in Leeds.