Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Christmas Holiday Destinations

Welcome to travel guide Europe and our guide to the best holiday destinations to visit in Europe during this wonderful Christmas period. If you have been lucky enough to avoid being grounded by the snow at airports such as Gatwick that have ruined so many peoples holidays this winter – why not pack your bags and set off on a holiday to one of the many great European holiday destinations for winter travel.

Of course, when it comes to choosing the best Christmas holiday destinations in Europe opinion will be divided and there is always going to be differences in choice depending on your interests, age and disposable income.. For example, if your personal cup of tea tends towards a fantastic Christmas party inspired by twinkling Christmas lights, superb local cuisine and part filled music – then the best countries to visit in Europe for a Christmas holiday must surely be found in the UK and France. London and Paris are famous for their seasonal festivities, whist you can also travel to Germany for an authentic outdoor market experience with beers a plenty!

If you can afford to travel to destinations outside Europe, cities such as New York and Florida are brilliant places to visit at Christmas – and of course New York will provide you with all the Christmas shopping opportunities you will ever need! Florida will of course also have some good weather for this time of year if you fancy something a bit different to snow and freezing temperatures!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best Backpacking Holiday Destinations in Portugal

A Brief Overview of Portugal

Portugal offers one of the warmest climates in Europe and provides the backpacking tourist with a wealth of things to see and do.  Typically, a backpacking vacation implies that you are travelling on a budget or have limited funds.  Not to worry.  There are a number of cheap hotels in Portugal that you can take advantage of.  Additionally, since most international flights land in Lisbon (the capital), there are a number of Lisbon hotels that you can take advantage of as well, although we wouldn’t call all of them cheap.

Backpacking Hot Spots

Although many backpacking tourists prefer to explore the inland regions of the country, it is the beaches and seaside mountains of Portugal that holds the allure for many backpackers.  If your choice is Portugal’s countryside, then you might want to consider one of the following areas:

- Castelo Branco
- Évora
- Douro Valley
- Leiria
- Miranda do Douro
- Viseu

However, if you want to observe the wildlife of the region in its natural state, then you owe it to yourself to backpack and explore the Azores or Madeira Islands.  Additionally, the mainland has nature reserves situated in the Douro Valley, at Peneda-Gerês and at Serra da Estrela.

Gems and Secrets of the Country

For many tourists, the Algarve is the destination of choice with its abundance of natural beauty and some of the most stunning coastlines in Portugal.  Unfortunately, it is gradually becoming overdeveloped and is no longer the hidden gem or secret that it once was.  However, it is still worth exploring because some of the Algarve’s beaches are less visited than others.

Amarante is one of Portugal’s most magnificent little towns and well worth the visit.  It is a lovely city that features some spectacular architecture with beautiful paths and trails to explore along the River Tamega.  Many tourists have commented on how beautiful the architecture and the green streets are as they reflect off the waters of the river.

If you travel to Oporto in the north, you will be at the gateway to another one of the gems and secrets of the country, namely the Douro River Valley.  The most outstanding characteristic of this valley is the vineyards growing along the sloped banks of the river.  The local wineries in the area are complemented by some stunning panoramas of the river.

Events and Cultural Festivals in Portugal

During the summer months, there are numerous fairs that take place especially in the northern regions of the country.  Additionally, there are a number of music festivals that take place that might be of interested to you.  These festivals are typically set in some of the most beautiful countryside and small, quaint villages.

To the north – the two oldest festivals in the region are the Paredes de Coura festival and the Vilar de Mouros festival.

To the south – along the western part of Portugal’s southern coast is the Festival Sudoeste, by far the oldest and most famous of Portugal’s many festivals.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Euro Holiday Destinations: Advice on Travel Insurance & Legal Claims

 It may seem a little pessimistic, but before you even think about setting set off on a backpacking holiday or vacation to any of the best holiday destinations in Europe that are discussed here in my blog, you should always be fully prepared for a worst case scenario. For this reason I would always ensure that you have sufficient travel insurance coverage to suit the activities that you are likely to take part in on your trip. Although travel insurance policies for single trips and holidays to Europe are readily available online these days from just a few pounds, if you are planning a longer excursion (perhaps on a month long backpacking holiday) or are planning on taking part in any extreme sports or other potentially dangerous activities during your visit then you will need to ensure that your policy covers the worst case scenario in such eventualities before you take out the policy.

     Travelling in Europe should always be a fun experience you remember for the rest of your life - and for the vast majority of backpackers and holidaymakers on the continent this will be the case - but please also keep in mind that at some of the holiday destinations in Europe you may plan to visit on your travels, you may possibly find that the standard of health and safety can on occasions be less thorough and strictly regulated than the conditions we are perhaps used to here in the UK. For this very reason, proper preparation as well as due vigilance and care for your personal safety are always essential.

      If the worst happens and you do fall foul of an injury or illness whilst on your holiday, then it’s always advisable to seek the advice and expertise of a qualified holiday claim specialist or solicitor who will be able to give you greater clarification on your legal options, should you wish to pursue them. In many cases, any initial enquiries you make are usually available for free, and you may find that seeking legal advice in such scenarios is often far less intimidating than one would potentially expect. If the accident or illness that occurred on your holiday was not through any fault of your own, it is possible you could be entitled to varying levels of compensation – but the help of experts in the field is invariably the best path to take to explore your options.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Non Euro Holiday Destinations: Go On Safari!

If you are looking for an exotic holiday destination with a difference this winter then why not jet off on one of the great safari holidays available in locations across East Africa. If you tire of looking at the architecture, museums and art galleries that adorn Europe’s great cities and instead are looking for one of the best holiday destinations that will allow the visitor to get away from urbanised areas, then there is probably no better way of experiencing the great outdoors, going back to nature and seeing Africa’s vibrant and varied wildlife.

A Kenya safari will doubtlessly offer the traveler a holiday of a lifetime - and unique experiences of another world and way of life. With cultures, peoples and landscapes so different to those found in both urban and even rural Europe safari holidays can offer the visitor and exciting step into the unknown. With incredible natural wildlife seldom seen in the wild in many other locations across the world that includes mighty elephants, fleet footed leopards and powerful rhinos, there is no better way to enjoy these animals in there natural habitat than going away on Safari.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 5 Online Resources for Budget Travelers in Europe

In this blogpost were going to be looking at what I believe are the 5 of the best online resources and travel websites to help you plan, prepare for, book and ultimately enjoy your dream backpacking holiday to all of the best holiday destinations in Europe. With the following travel tips and advice hopefully you will find some useful resources to help your trip go smoothly - and also save you a heap of money too!

1. InterRail -

It may be somewhat cliché, but as any young backpacker will tell you these days, getting around Europe with an InterRail travel card is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to travel - and importantly give you the great amount of flexibility you will need to enjoy all the brilliant backpacking holiday destinations in Europe. Booking a ticket online is quick and easy, and the travel cards are valid in the vast majority of countries in Europe.

2. Hostel Bookers -

Quite possibly the biggest and best online resource for backpackers who are looking to compare and book hostels in Europe and indeed, across the rest of the world. I used have used this site when traveling, booking holidays, stag dos - you name it. Its really easy to use, has an extremely simple booking system and has many useful reviews from likeminded travelers to help you make informed decisions on where to stay based on your personal requirements whether it be location, cost, atmosphere etc.

3. Gaynors Sports of Ambleside -

While far less well known outside of the UK than the 2 sites I highlight above, Gaynors is a great shop for anyone looking to take on a backpacking holiday, camping trip or who simply enjoys the great outdoors. Their shop in Ambleside in the Lake District is packed with great gear at low prices or you can also save time and money by buying online. Whether you are in the need of backpacks, waterproofs or boots they have hundreds of products from well known outdoor brands and tend to have some great deals available throughout the year.

4. Low Cost airline Guide -

Need help on finding the availability and price of cheap flights to Europe? This great resource is one of the quickest and easiest ways to compare and find out the latest flights online with this low cost airline guide. Listing all of Europe’s best holiday and backpacking flight destinations in the UK, Spain, Romania, Russia, Norway, Serbia, Portugal and pretty much anywhere else you can think of - you’re sure to be able to find the details you need to plan and book your flights whilst traveling in Europe.

5. World Backpackers Forum

If you are planning a backpacking trip or simply need help along the way its nice to be able to share your thoughts, questions and concerns with other likeminded individuals online. With this travel forum you can find backpacking tips and advice, ask questions, raise concerns you may have and generally soak up the knowledge and info of other people who are enjoying their traveling in Europe and other holiday destinations around the world.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best European Holiday Destinations: Antalya

If you are travelling to the beautiful Turkish city of Antalya or indeed any of the stunning g scenery that can be found in the surrounding coastal region of the country then you will most likely want to arrive via the nearby airport. Turkey has some of the most unique and naturally beautiful coastal and mountainous scenery in the world, so taking a holiday or backpacking trip to Antalya is best enjoyed if you allow yourself to explore beyond the confines of the city itself.

If you tire of the great attractions of Antalya such as the city walls and Hıdırlık Tower, as well as the numerous bars, shops and places to eat in the historically rich Kaleiçi area of the city, then why not look further affield and take advantage of car hire Antalya airport and take the chance to investigate the towering mountains and cliffs that surround the city. There are also the fantastic nearby Konyaaltı, Lara and Karpuzkaldıran beaches that are well worth a visit for travelers and visitors to Turkey. In order to get around the region more easily visitors can take advantage of cheap car hire Turkey and get around at their own leisure and speed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Business Travel Accommodation in Leeds

However unfortunate it may be, we have to face up to the fact that not all trips we make to Europe’s great cities can be for the purpose of leisure or holidays, and indeed it is often the case that people can instead can travel and make trips to European city locations in both the UK and Europe for the purpose of business and work. Naturally, when this is the case you will want to find some suitable accommodation for your stay in that city that is in a good location, and as with any recreational trip it is much more preferable that the accommodation is as comfortable and luxurious as possible within your budgetary requirements.
When carrying out business trips in the north of England, many people will find themselves having meetings and conferences in the prominent cities of Leeds and Manchester. If this is the case, you may opt to book a stay in serviced apartments Leeds, as these lodgings can provide quality accommodation for your meeting at very reasonable rates. Serviced apartments can feel like a home away from home and are much more preferable to renting a hotel room if you are staying in the region for a prolonged period. With your own kitchen and living space it feels much more natural and allows you to focus on your job at hand.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Holiday Destinations Outside Europe: Visiting Seattle

Known as the Emerald City, Seattle is well used to its fair share of rain! Not that this doesn't have its disadvantages though. The city is a wonderfully green and vibrant colour, thanks to the very healthy plant life! Seattle is a wonderful place to visit though, and is full of interest. The Autumn brings (other than rain) the Octoberfest, a beer festival popular across the whole of the city, and Bumbershoot, a music festival, owing much to Seattle's fine history of wonderful musical exports.

You will find around the area of Seattle a wonderful array of places to visit, from beautiful lakes rivers and mountains, and in Seattle itself, you have the Harbour and of course just to the west of the city is the Puget Sound. The Seattle City scape is something to behold in its own right, and you will be hard pushed to find a city in the States that is so awash with art. There are many fine museums, and if culinary satisfaction is something that you travel for, then Seattle will treat you well. Seattle is a fine place to visit, and despite the reputation for rain, you should find the city in good weather during April and May, and June to August is often warm and sunny.

Finding flights to Seattle can sometimes be difficult, and flights tend to be more expensive between May and September, but you should be able to find relatively
cheap flights to Seattle online.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Combine Work with Play When Travelling Europe

One of the great things about my job is that I get to travel across the UK and occasionally to some of the best city destinations in Europe as part of my work - as well as for the sake of holiday and leisure as I frequently document in this travel blog. Of course it’s never ever going to be as much fun travelling Europe in this way when compared to seeing the many great European holiday destinations in the way I enjoyed then when I was on a backpacking trip - but at least it means you can see many great locations and never feel too tied down.

Whether it be for meetings Leeds, or for conferences and events in more exotic and exciting locations across Europe, one thing you can say is that you don’t get too bogged down in one area for too many months at a time. Of course, if you can tie in a business excursion with a few days holiday you can enjoy all these great holiday destinations after all the hard work is completed and then you can get the best of both worlds! After all, you would have to be crazy to pass up the opportunity to enjoy the best holiday destinations just because of a meeting or work. So why not combine the 2 - clearly all work and no play makes me a dull boy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Booking Holiday Accommodation Made Easy Online

If you are planning to take a holiday in Europe this summer then regardless of your personal choice of Euro holiday destination, one of your main concerns will naturally be finding a suitable hotel, hostel or other form of holiday accommodation that falls within your budget in the place you are travelling to. Luckily for travellers of all ages, these days a holidaymaker or backpacker can readily use online resources to find cheap hotels in their chosen city destination quickly and easily and comparing prices and facilities that may be available in potential places to stay can now be carried out with ease at the push of a button or click of a mouse. Whether you are looking to make a 1 or 2 week hotel reservation for a family holiday in Europe or are looking to book a few nights stay at your next hostel in a city destination on a larger backpacking holiday in the European region, then the widespread availability of the internet has undoubtedly made the whole process incredibly simple and streamlined for travellers to find accommodation cheaply, quickly and easily.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Europes Best Holiday Destinations - Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of the Greek Islands

If you are looking for a vacation destination in Southern Europe that offers natural scenic beauty, friendly people and a wonderful hot, sunny climate then look no further than the Greek Islands. There are so many holiday resorts to choose from on the dozens of islands that collectively make up this region of Europe, although I would personally strongly recommend you check out Kefalonia - one of Europe’s best holiday destinations for a summer break.

I’ve never been a fan of package holidays as I feel they are often rather restrictive, so I would instead suggest taking out car hire Kefalonia Airport and driving around the island visiting many of the quaint little fishing villages. Driving round the island you will find that each place you visit that offers a unique picturesque ambience all of their own. Taking advantage of the cheapest car hire in Greece can also allow the visitor to explore the island’s mountainous areas, sandy beaches and many charming tavernas and restaurants.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Looking the Part on Your Stag Do in Europe with Personalised Stag T Shirts

As many travellers who have visited many countries across Europe will no doubt be aware, the continent has a number of cities that have become immensely popular with UK visitors on Stag Nights who head to central and Eastern European city destinations in search of some Sunshine, Fun and abundant amounts of cheap beer. Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Riga, Krakow and Tallinn are now all very popular destinations for Stag Weekends as they are widely accessible with cheap flight companies.

Each of these holiday destinations also offers many options for cheap hostel accommodation – and each city also provides entertainment and quality nightlife that is rarely rivaled in other locations across the world. While on a stag do, its seems to be the case these days that it is essential that the lads involved look the part - and therefore ensure that the groom is forced to don some sort of ridiculous outfit, while other members of the party should always think about picking up a personalised stag t shirt for their trip so they can enjoy all the fun of a stag night in these great European locations.

Best French Golf Holiday Destinations

If you are a big fan of both sunshine and golf and are looking for a holiday destination in Europe then you can’t really go wrong with visiting one of the may beautiful golf resorts that France has to offer. If your idea of a perfect holiday is smashing the ball off the tea in a great temperate climate as well as enjoying all the great hospitality and facilities you would expect from the worlds top golf resorts then French golf holidays could be just the thing you are looking for this summer.

Golf resorts such as Le Touquet, Hardelot and Chantilly remain extremely popular destinations for golfers looking to find the best golf holiday destinations that France has to offer, whilst the South of France also offers some stunning courses alongside unbelievable scenery and weather conditions. If you are a big sports fan looking for a European holiday with a difference then why not treat yourself to a superb golf break in France this summer.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Skiing Holidays in Austria

Austria is justly famous for its excellent skiing. What makes Austria particularly appealing for skiing holidays it that restrictive planning laws mean that any Austrian ski holiday is not going to be marred by the sorts of concrete developments that often get in the way of the breathtaking mountainous scenery in other countries. The Austrian landscape has been maintained to remain pure and beautiful, providing a wonderful backdrop to any ski holiday.

Of course, no skiing holiday is complete without a buzzing apres ski scene, and that’s another area that Austrian ski resorts really deliver in. With great beer, wine and simple but delicious food, Austrians really know how to show their guests a good time. Mayrhofen in particular is famous for a great night life, and the annual Snowbombing music festival which puts a world-class music festival right in the middle of the mountains.

As many of you will have recognised, the further east in Europe you go, the cheaper things tend to be, and Austria is no exception. By no means as cheap as genuinely Eastern European countries, ski holidays in Austria certainly won’t break the bank in the same way a group ski holiday to France or Switzerland may do.

If you’re after pristine scenery, deliciously simple food, great beer, great skiing and a great time at a reasonable price: Austria could well be your perfect ski destination.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Enjoy the Beautiful Natural Coastline of Dalaman, Turkey

If you are looking for a holiday destination in Europe that offers visitors a variety of great natural landscapes including truly beautiful natural coastline and warm temperate waters, then there are surely fewer places better to take a vacation than Dalaman in Turkey. This area which is to be found in the South West of the country is sandwiched between the mountainous areas and the beautiful ocean and has great beaches and coastal views in natural abundance, and for this reason proves a great draw for tourists around the world. The area is also popular for its sporting facilities and archaeological sites which are of some interest to tourists.

If you want to explore the coast further and without restriction why not take advantage of the widely available car hire Dalaman Airport? Whether you choose to stay in the more upmarket hotel accommodation or prefer to save money and enjoy the great outdoors by camping out under the stars in the back drop of this picturesque natural coastline, you’re sure to want to take advantage of cheap car hire Turkey to make the most of your visit to this region.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stay in Leeds Serviced Apartments for a Weekend Break

Although I’ve spent a lot of time visiting many of the best holiday destinations in Europe ranging from Krakow to Barcelona, its not every month that I can afford to take a holiday abroad. Sometimes I personally think it’s nice just to spend a weekend somewhere closer to home in the UK, rather than fuss around with booking flights, packing rucksacks and the like. Rather than always traveling abroad and bumming around in hostels, why not instead spend your money differently and treat yourself to a good quality hotel and enjoy all the great attractions of some of the UK’s best places and cities to visit.

When it comes to places to stay in the North of England, Leeds undoubtedly remains one of my favorite cities. It has a nightlife that is unrivaled in the north of England with many superb clubs and bars in the city centre - while Headingley is also a fantastic place to watch international cricket or rugby league and also boasts great bars like the Arc and Original Oak. The surrounding areas of Leeds also offer a great opportunity for walks in places like Otley and Ilkley. So why not book a weekend break and stay in Leeds serviced apartments and enjoy the North of England in style.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What are the Fastest and Easiest Ways to get Car Hire in Spain?

If you enjoy backpacking in Europe then one country that you really must see is Spain. When it comes to Europe’s top holiday destinations, Spain certainly has them in abundance, whether you are a holidaymaker looking to travel with your family to some of the country’s many great beaches or a young backpacker looking to explore some of the great cities that Spain has to offer tourists. The country remains the top holiday destination for people travelling from the UK, with literally thousands of Brits flying to Spain each year in search of some summer sunshine. If however like me you prefer to be a little more adventurous than just lying on a busy beach all day, then one of the best ways to get around if you want to explore mainland Spain more feely is to look for cheap car hire Spain online.

You will be pleased to know that there are many rental companies that tend to operate in and around Spain’s major airports - such as those found close to Barcelona and Madrid. Getting car hire Madrid airport for example, is a very quick and easy way to get set to travel and explore the surrounding mountains and countryside. In order to save time, you can book online and then simply pick up the keys on arrival at your holiday destination, then simply drive away and start exploring! I would always advise that booking your car hire services online is highly recommended as it is quite simply the quickest, cheapest and most convenient method of renting a vehicle in Europe.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Accommodation in Prague - Three Bedroom Modern Prague Apartments

Finding places to visit in Prague is rather simple, with over 50 major landmarks within the city, there is bound to be something for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you'd like to visit the Metronome, the Prague Zoo, or the National Museum, you'll need a place that you and your family can call home during your vacation. Surprisingly, traveling in groups is actually cheaper in Prague because you can find affordable three bedroom modern Prague apartments that can accommodate the entire family or a group of backpackers for less per person than a one or two bedroom apartment.

Many of the oldest buildings in Prague are hundreds of years old, however they've been completely restored and now house ultra-modern apartments that will please even the pickiest of tourists. Most three bedroom apartments in Prague will have at least two restrooms, a King size bed, and of course a family size entertainment system perfect for those nights when you'd like to stay in. Prices for a three bedroom apartment in Prague range from € 90 - € 300 per night, depending on the location and the length of the stay.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rent Villas in Italy for a Relaxing Holiday Experience

Although as you’ve probably read here on my travel guide blog, I’ve spent a great deal of my time backpacking in many fantastic places in Europe - traveling around by train and visiting the many great city destinations that the continent has to offer - I’ve also spent some great holidays here with friends and family. One great holiday experience in Europe that I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to relax and put their feet up in order to get away from the stress of the day job is renting a villa somewhere in the beautiful Italian countryside.

Villas in Italy are a great way to unwind and spend time with your closest friends in a superb authentic Italian environment. Taking a holiday in Europe in this way gives you a chance to explore your surrounding area, go for walks, take in some fresh air and enjoy some truly beautiful natural surroundings that we often forget about when stuck in the office. If you rent an Italian villa by the coast you'll also have the benefit of some great sea views and the possibility of unwinding with a bit of fishing. Sometimes I feel its nice to travel to a holiday destination that is a little less intense than many of the great cities I’ve visited in Europe to party such as Krakow and Prague. So if you feel like this is something you would like to get out of your holiday in Europe then why not give it a try.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Backpacking in the Best Holiday Destination in Spain: Barcelona

Based on my personal experiences, the city of Barcelona is clearly one of the best holiday destinations you could ever hope to visit in all of Europe. The capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Barcelona is for me one of the best all round cities you can visit, as it offers a little bit of everything for tourists, backpackers, holidaymakers and other visitors alike who may travel to the city. Whether you are interested in art, architecture, sport, beaches, food, or nightlife from your favoured city holiday destination - there is little doubt that Barcelona can proudly offer each of these aspects in one form or another, all wrapped up in to one top holiday destination. Why not check out my travel guide to Barcelona to find out the best places to visit on your backpacking holiday in Barcelona. If you ever get bored of the city itself and wish to travel further affield in the surrounding area, then why not check out the local options for cheap car hire in Spain either from local rental services or by checking the latest prices online.

If you are travelling to the city from overseas, you will know doubt be pleased to hear that the city of Barcelona is easily accessed via several different airports in the region, with frequent and affordable budget flights taking off from the UK often flying to the nearby Reus Tarragona Airport. Although 30 miles from the centre of Barcelona, it is still very easy to reach the city by either public transport such as the frequent bus services or airport taxis, or there is also the alternative of car hire Reus Tarragona Airport if you feel you may want to go on beyond the city of Barcelona and explore the coastal region of Catalonia.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Find the Best Holiday Accommodation in Helsinki, Finland

If you are thinking of being a bit different and taking the plunge by looking for a somewhat alternative holiday destination or city location to visit on your backpacking trip in Europe - then please consider taking the time to have a visit to the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. The city is surely one of the best city destinations to visit in all of Scandinavia if not Europe itself, and indeed has a host of great places to see.

Amongst the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Helsinki is the National Museum of Finland which is a stunning piece of architecture to behold in itself, with its so called “national romantic” building style giving it a unique and distinguished appearance. The city’s cathedral and maritime attractions are also popular draws for tourists visiting Helsinki, but the city also has the very pretty Esplanade Park in which visitors often like to have a romantic stroll, which is situated in the very heart of the city itself.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Helsinki then you can check out the many “hotelli helsinki” that are dotted across numerous great locations across the length and breadth of the city. One of the best known hotels in Helsinki is the Best Western which is great place for holidaymakers to stay either as a couple or with their family and kids. Wherever you stay, you are sure to find a great holiday experience that few places in Northern Europe can match.

Visit Finland - The Best holiday Destination in Scandinavia

The Scandinavian country of Finland is perhaps not the first place you would necessarily think of when planning on taking a holiday in Europe. When considering such vacations it seems as though many people immediately think of that European holiday destinations with high levels of summer sunshine and hotter temperatures - so it is often the case that locations such as coastal Spain, the Greek Islands or the South of France will immediately spring to mind.

While these are all great places to take a holiday in their own right, one country that is perhaps not immediately considered as a prime European holiday destination is Finland. However, you may be surprised to find that the country has a great deal to offer the visitors, travelers and backpackers alike that make this country a holiday location of choice for a surprising number of people - and indeed Finland currently proudly boasts an ever growing tourism industry.

Those travelling to Finland are often seeking a somewhat more upmarket and unique holiday experience from the package holidays so widely available in the Mediterranean region of Europe - and the country sports an extensive array of simply stunning natural scenery. The Finish capital Helsinki is also a brilliant tourist city to visit at any time of year with a host of cool visitor attractions and some great “hotellit” as the locals call them (or hotels in English) such as the Halvat Hotellit in which you can spend your nights in Helsinki.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pescara: Amongst the Best Holiday destinations in the Adriatic

The city of Pescara is undoubtedly one of the finest holiday destinations to visit if you are travelling in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Many people who are backpacking in Italy will look to reach the city by train, but there is also access via the Pescara airport if you are just looking to take a holiday here. Located on the east coast of the country, Pescara is a quaint port city that lines up against the beautiful clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. The city has a fine beach which is well worth a look if you fancy a bit of sunbathing or maybe a quick dip, and has all the usual sun beds and umbrellas for hire to tourists visiting the city.

If you fancy a drive to the nearby Majella national park to enjoy the stunning natural scenery, then you can easily get car hire Pescara airport. Similarly to many other European countries you may visit, cheap car hire Italy is widely available to book online if you are visiting Pescara. The park is also a great place to go walking, hiking or climbing as it sports some impressive mountains, the largest of which is Mount Amaro which stands at 2793 meters tall. It also has some interesting caves to explore if that’s your thing - but always be safe and go with some experienced local guides if possible.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Montpellier

No holiday or backpacking trip in the South of France would be complete without taking time to visit the city of Montpellier and the fantastic surrounding region of Languedoc-Roussillon in which the city is located. Montpellier has some very famous and extremely popular visitor attractions – that have helped to make it one of the fastest growing holiday destinations in Europe. Perhaps best renowned of these is the Place de la Comédie in the centre of the city. This stunning town square is a great hive of activity for any visitor to the city featuring some fantastic architecture, fountains and statues.

The Languedoc-Roussillon area is famous for its huge vineyards and if you want to go and explore them then Car Hire Montpellier can be the best way to get around in the district. Although often overlooked for more well known wine making regions, the area has vast expanses of vineyards and produces some fantastic tipple not to be missed. Luckily cheap car hire France is available from several regional outlets and can be booked online meaning its relatively easy for you to get around and enjoy one of the best holiday destinations in France. The car hire services are reasonably priced for this area of Europe – particularly if you are sharing with friends or family.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What Are The Best Visitor Attractions In Bucharest?

The Romanian city of Bucharest is a good place for any young backpacker to visit if you are on a backpacking holiday in Eastern Europe. While perhaps not the most glamorous of cities in the continent, it does offer some interesting places to visit and a unique flavour all of its own. Many of the places to see are things you can view walking round the city so it’s a good option if you are travelling on a tight budget.

Amongst the best tourist attractions in the city of Bucharest is the neoclassically styled Royal Palace – an impressive structure that is well worth a look. This has now been turned into an art museum so its also worth checking out the interior if art is your thing. If you want to get a good feel of the old pre communism side of the city however you should visit the Lipscani District. This is very much a major tourist draw and as you would expect features plenty of shops, coffee houses and restaurants. Simply taking a walk through the quaint cobbled streets is in itself a good experience for anyone visiting Bucharest.
If you are looking for Bucharest apartments in which to stay during your visit to the city, you will be pleased to know like many things in the city they are very affordable. Romania is a very cheap place to visit and you may find that even luxury apartments in Bucharest are not beyond the budgets of backpackers. So why not take a trip to the city and see a different - but nonetheless interesting - side of Europe.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top European Holiday Destinations: Exploring the Granada Province of Spain

If you’re thinking of doing some traveling in Europe this summer then one of the many top holiday destinations you should give some consideration to is the Granada region of Spain. One of the counties unique autonomous communities, the city of Granada can be found in the fantastic Andalusia region of Spain. Accessing the city from abroad is easily done, and to have all the freedom you may need to explore the surrounding region you can easily find local services offering car hire Granada airport. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable car hire Spain can be – and it certainly gives you a viable alternative to public transport which in such a large European country can be quite time consuming.

As well as the City of Granada itself, the region of Andalusia offers fantastic coastal areas that attract many thousands of tourists to the region each year. Although the package holiday heavy Costa Del Sol region is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, the area does have some great beaches and resorts for families to take a holiday in Europe. I feel however that the Sierra Nevada area offers a little more to visitors, and sports a fantastic national park that yo8ung travelers may like to take time out to explore. This mountainous region of the country boasts the highest peak in all of Spain - Mulhacen – which stands at just under 3,500 metres.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stay in Tuscany in Style: Rent a Tuscany Villa

Italy is surely one of the finest and most varied holiday destinations in all of Europe, with its many different cities and regions offering something unique and fresh – with characteristics all of its own. Whether you enjoy a ski or snowboard trip in the north of the country, the numerous fantastic ancient historical attractions of Rome, or are more interested in checking out the many brilliant designer boutiques in Milan its easy to understand and recognise just how much Italy has to offer as a holiday destination.

If you are however looking to get away from all the mad traffic, endless hussle and bustle and congestion of Italy’s big cities but still fancy a holiday to this great European country then you may prefer to take up the option of renting a villa in the Tuscany region of Italy. Whether traveling to Italy with a group of friends or family, many holidaymakers choose to rent Tuscany villa to get a much more authentic experience of rural Italy and the local Italian way of life.
If you do somehow tire of the beautiful countryside in the region there are also some great nearby cities you can visit such as Florence, Siena and Pisa – each with their own unique charm and great visitor attractions, restaurant, bards and cafes. With so much to do in the region and with a great degree of freedom to experience it in – you’ll find that renting a villa in Tuscany can be a very different and exciting way to experience Italy.

Overcharged For Airport Parking Due To Ash Cloud? You May Be Able To Claim Money Back!

If you are one of the thousands of holidaymakers in the UK who have had their holiday unwillingly delayed or extended by the ash cloud chaos then you may be pleased to know there seems to be some positive news on the horizon. Many tourists who had traveled to Europe have had their flights delayed or canceled over the last few weeks due to the large cloud of ash across European airways - and have therefore found themselves stranded at various cities and airports across the continent.
Many UK holidaymakers have understandably raised concerns that as they were forced to remain in their holiday destination for an extended period, they are now facing extra costs for their airport parking services which they would otherwise had not incurred had their flights not been delayed. However, there is some good news to report – as some London airport parking providers are reportedly willing to waive any excess charges incurred due to flight delay or curtailment.
Gatwick airport parking services for example have already confirmed they will not charge any additional costs for those who have been affected by the ash cloud - and have also taken the time to get in contact with thousands of UK holidaymakers who are still stuck abroad requesting their expected renewed arrival dates in order to help plan ahead for such difficulties. This new will no doubt come as a great relief for many UK tourists still stuck at various holiday destinations in Europe. If you are unsure as to whether you will be charged it is generally best to contact your parking provider to find out the details of their policy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cool Off On Your Backpacking Holiday – Go Snorkelling In Dubrovnik

If you’ve been traveling around Europe with a heavy rucksack and the stresses, strains, heavy drinking and lack of sleep of you backpacking holiday are getting all too much, even the hardiest backpacker has to take some time out to relax and enjoy a bit of down time. For me this usually meant simply getting out in the sunshine and enjoying a bit of a swim - and I found there were few better places to enjoy such activities as in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Adriatic that lap the walls of the Croatian city’s old town.

There are many different companies offering snorkeling and diving trips in and around the city of Dubrovnik – and you can readily hire all the snorkel gear you will need if you don’t already have it stashed away in your backpack. You can shop around for the best prices as the large amount of competition seems to make the locals more open to negotiation. I found that taking a dip in the warm and clear waters of the Adriatic was a really great way to relax after partying hard in the many bars of the Old Town or in the Lapad district of Dubrovnik the night before. You’ll find that there’s some great natural wildlife and fish to see – and it’s a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

When you’ve had you’re fill of snorkeling its time to relax and do a bit of sunbathing on the many rocky outcrops of the Dalmatian coast near the city of Dubrovnik. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to find a more secluded area to the north of the old town – as the old town area tends to be rather crowded with holidaymakers and visitors from the many cruise liners. Remember to pick up some sun block, a pair of shades and one of the many quality beach towels on sale from either the old town square or the many little shops around the beach areas before you set yourself up for the late afternoon and evening of sunbathing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Algarve: Best Holiday Destination in Portugal

If you are looking to find out the best holiday destination to visit in Portugal then you can surely look no further than the Algarve. The Algarve region of Portugal offers fantastic sun spots for young people, older couples or families alike - and is easily accessed by thousands of visitors from across the world each year via the popular Faro airport. Indeed, Faro airport was reportedly visited by over 5.5 million people in the year of 2008 alone, making it the second most frequented airport in the country of Portugal.

If you are looking to get around the Algarve region at your own speed and need a greater degree of freedom from your holiday experience, then cheap car hire Faro Airport is available in order to allow you to explore the surrounding Algarve region at your own leisure. Cheap car hire Portugal can allow you to travel to numerous fantastic locations in the Algarve at your own pace.
The beautiful beaches that adorn Portugal’s South West coast are truly to die for - with many natural sun spots for you to visit and enjoy. It is also very popular with golfers who come to enjoy the fine quality golf courses in the Algarve region and soak up some fantastic summer sun. For reasons such as this it is therefore not surprising that the Algarve region of the country is long established as the most popular holiday destination for tourists visiting the country both from Europe and further affield.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buying Currency for Backpacking Holidays in Europe

If you are planning on taking a backpacking holiday in Europe it’s obviously a good idea to buy some currency in advance so you are not charged extortionate exchange rates at the airport or train station for your travel money. While you clearly wont want to be risking carrying around large amounts of cash in your wallet or rucksack, its still worth while having some local currency already in hand for when you arrive at your European city destination – particularly as you may arrive at an awkward time during the night (especially if arriving by train on an inter rail pass) when some currency exchanges may be shut.

Many young backpackers will look to buy currency from there local foreign exchange broker - simply because it is often the most convenient method of buying travel cash - but if you plan ahead carefully and buy your Euros online when the exchanges rates are at the best point for your regional currency (be it pounds, US Dollars etc), you may actually be able to get much better exchange rates and therefore make your hard earned money go a lot further during your backpacking trip in Europe.

With 16 current EU member states currently using the Euro as there currency – plus another 6 countries in the continent now using the Euro, it clearly makes sense that you will be needing this currency during many of the great city destinations you visit during your backpacking trip – so why not plan ahead and get a better exchange rate deal before you set off on your backpacking holiday in Europe by buying your Euros from an online broker instead of the local high street exchange.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Renting Villas In Greece: One Of Europes Best Holiday Destinations

If you’re looking for a great holiday experience this summer that combines all the elements of a fantastic climate alongside all the intrinsic qualities and fun features that you’d expect from any warm and sunny Mediterranean holiday destination – but also offers a bit more of an enlightening and interesting historical experience then look no further than Greece – surely one of the best holiday destinations that Europe has to offer. Travel along the stunning coastline adorned with fantastic sandy beaches and you’ll instantly see why so many holidaymakers visit Greece each year.

Many people choose to stay in large hotels in one of Greece’s many popular holiday resorts – but I find that if you want to get a truly authentic taste and experience of the Mediterranean way of life then why not rent out a Greek holiday villa with your friends or family, and take time out in a more relaxing fashion than you would find on a package holiday to Europe. I also find that renting Greek holiday villas allow you a much greater deal of freedom than package holidays – something I’ve always thrived upon and tended to seek out as a “must have” when traveling Europe either on a backpacking trip, a summer holiday break or if you're simply throwing a few things into a travel holdall and looking for a long weekend in the sunshine.

There are also many fantastic other benefits to renting out a villa in Greece – such as being able to have a much more personal and close holiday experience with your family and friends then what you would expect to receive when staying in a hotel or other larger accommodation, as you can privately hire out the villa for your own use. You also tend to get a lot more for your money with self catering – so the quality of your holiday accommodation is likely to be much nicer than in an all inclusive holiday package.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lake Como: Best Holiday Destinations in Europe for Rest and Relaxation

Soaking up the atmosphere on the edge of Lake Como in Italy has to be one of the most pleasant ways one can spend a summer evening in Europe. Sinking back into your chair and sipping on a cold beer or glass of fine Italian wine is hard to beat in such stunning natural surroundings, and as the evening draws in you’ll find that your mind starts to wander as you listen to the gentle lapping of the waters and take in the true beauty of this fantastic natural feature. There are numerous great little cafes and wine bars to explorer along the banks of Lake Como that all give you that great sense of rustic and traditional Italy.

Feast out on great Italian foods such as pasta, pizzas fresh fish dishes and delicious grilled meat and vegetables in the many great restaurants that span across the banks of the lake. It’s hard not to feel relaxed in such a great holiday destination as this, and if you need to take time out to unwind then this is a great place to do it. Although not a cheap place to visit (unlike many of the places I have been backpacking and covered on this blog), a trip to Lake Como is one that is truly unique and is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations Europe has to offer - particularly if you are looking for a quick week away with your partner.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Top 10 Most Visited City Destinations in Europe

Before you set off on a backpacking holiday in Europe you will firstly of course have to have a fairly rough idea of which European cities you want to visit on your travels. Although spontaneity is important to a certain extent on any backpacking trip (as you will naturally want to gain new experiences and learn new things), you obviously don’t want to miss out on the best holiday destinations in Europe simply through poor pre planning. If sheer popularity in terms of visitor volume is anything to go by, then the city destinations below must qualify as “must visit” places for any young backpacker during your backpacking holiday around Europe. Listed below are the 10 most frequently visited cities in the continent of Europe - based on visitor numbers.

1. London
2. Paris
3. Rome
4. Barcelona
5. Dublin
6. Madrid
7. Amsterdam
8. Prague
9. Moscow
10. Vienna

Make sure you find the time to visit at least some of these fantastic city destinations on your trip! Remember, this list is compiled purely from visitor volumes - there are also several cities not on this list that I would highly recommend visiting! Please check out my other post to find out my personal thoughts on what are the best city destinations in Europe. My list is compiled slightly differently to this one - but that is simply because I have had a really great time when I have visited other less popular locations and stayed there!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Be Prepared: Ensure You have the Right Equipment when Backpacking in Europe

When planning any backpacking holiday in Europe a key concern for any traveller will always be what essential clothing and equipment to take with you on your excursion. Now, obviously you have a limited amount of space even in the most spacious and high quality modern rucksacks, plus you will also have to consider what baggage allowance your flight will allow you - so this of course makes packing the right gear for your backpacking destination all the more essential.

If you are thinking of any major hiking or adventure excursions on your trip always ensure you have taken the right quality of equipment and clothing for your trip. You will need a good quality sleeping bag and tent for example if you are considering camping in eastern or central Europe and also in the UK - particularly in winter months - when temperatures can drop well below 0 Celsius even on low ground. Always also take the right maps, head torch, survival bag and a compass and ideally a GPS - plus your mobile phone.

If you plan a backpacking or hiking trip to the more mountainous or hilly areas it is also highly recommended that even in the summer months you pack warm and fully waterproof and windproof clothes. Hats, gloves and good quality water proof clothing from quality brands such as The North Face are all but essential even in summer months in many European locations - but make sure even then you select the correct products for your chosen location as climates can vary greatly across Europe according to your backpacking destination and the seasonal weather conditions of that area of the continent. Always plan in advance and don’t leave anything to chance. If in doubt study the local weather conditions carefully and prepare for the unexpected.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Top 10 Backpacking holiday Destinations in Europe

Well I’ve been spending the last few hours of an excellent bank holiday weekend reminiscing about some of the many great cities I’ve visited across Europe over the past 12 months or so. I’ve managed to drill this down to my personal favourite top 10 backpacking holiday destinations that I would suggest to any young traveller making a trip to Europe - believe me, these are fantastic places to visit that you can’t afford to miss out on. My list is purely based on my own opinions and experiences, and takes into account a wide range of key factors that I felt affected my enjoyment of the locations and destinations the most - such as climate, nightlife, people, tourist attractions, value for money, scenery etc. Anyway here’s the list - please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment on my travel blog or by using the voting panel in the left hand side of the blog.

1. Budapest
2. Krakow
3. Prague
4. Dubrovnik
5. Rome
6. Amsterdam
7. Barcelona
8. London
9. Paris
10. Venice

Please note these are based only on my own experiences and views - please feel free to disagree with me! I also welcome any personal recommendations from your own backpacking holidays about what you believe to be your top 10 best backpacking holiday destinations in Europe - so as always feel free to post here!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Best European Party Destinations for Backpackers: Amsterdam

As any backpacker travelling around Europe will no doubt be aware, Holland’s capital Amsterdam has an excellent reputation of being one of the best European cities for young backpackers to go and party until the early hours – and deservedly so. The city offers up numerous bars where party goers can enjoy some cool pints of Heineken, many great restaurants in which to eat out with your friends and of course the famous coffee shops - such as the Grasshopper. Many of the best bars and coffee shops are located in the infamous Red Light District in the city – a definite eye opener for any young traveller and certainly not for the fainthearted – particularly after daylight hours. Always be safe and stay with friends when visiting this area. During the day the Heineken brewery is a good place to visit during your stay in the city of Amsterdam, and there are also many museums covering a range of tastes and functions from the arts, history of the city, and even a torture museum! If you are on a backpacking holiday in Europe but are limited by a low budget, then a simple stroll along some of Amsterdam’s many canals can be a great way of seeing the city and its beautiful architecture and style that have a unique flavour all of their own - and is in itself a nice way to spend the afternoon in the outdoors when you’ve had a few too many beers the night before and are in need of some fresh air! All in all whether you are backpacking, looking for a fun weekend away in Europe or on a big do with your mates – Amsterdam is undoubtedly the place to go and party in Europe.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Make the Most of your Backpacking Trip: Keep up to Date with the Latest Travel Plans and News

For any young backpacker considering making a trip around the many great cities that Europe has to offer it is essential that are fully up to date and kept abreast of the local cultures and traditions that dictate the social norms of the country or city. Alongside this before planning the next place to visit on any major backpacking tour of Europe young I would always recommend that travelers also fully ensure that they are completely up to speed with the latest travel plans and news and any potential political developments in their destination - as these critical factors can naturally have a major bearing on any traveling or backpacking excursion and your personal safety. Reading travel guides for the city you are planning to visit, checking the regional train and transport timetables, understanding the cultural habits and traditions of the locals and preparing for the type of climate in the locale you are traveling to are in my mind also highly critical factors - and because all these things can vary so much across Europe depending on the region or city you arte visiting, then pre planning and close studying of a good quality travel guide prior to the commencement of your trip is highly advisable in order to ensure that your backpacking experience in Europe’s great cities is a positive one. At the end of the day you need to remain safe and behave within the laws and social norms of the place you are visiting but also have fun - so keeping yourself informed with the latest travel news can get you one step ahead of the game.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Most Romantic Holiday Locations in Europe: Italy

If you are looking for a European country that can provide you with a great opportunity for a romantic vacation break with a partner, a short city break with a loved one or even the perfect location for a magical wedding day or honeymoon - then there are surely fewer more suitable countries you could consider in the region than Italy. Italy vacations offer the visitor a vast number of diverse yet equally stunning, beautiful - and of course highly romantic rural and city locations that can provide the perfect backdrop for you and your partner on that most special of days. Whether your tastes are for the unique architecture offered up on the streets of renaissance Florence, the classical city backdrops of Rome, or even enjoying a peaceful summer evening with your loved one on the canal ways of Venice - then Italy undoubtedly has something very special to offer you in order to make your wedding vacation a memory that will be treasured by you and your partner for a lifetime. It is well known that Italy weddings are becoming increasingly popular amongst young couples who are looking to get married and celebrate their special day or honeymoon abroad, with the warm Mediterranean climate making it a highly attractive holiday and wedding location - particularly in the spring and summer months. So why not check out the fantastic holiday options that Italy has to offer.

Save Money With Self Catering Accommodation in Ireland and Northern Ireland

If you’re looking to discover the wonders of Emerald Isle but haven’t got a massive wedge of cash to spend, then rather than checking into one of the big swanky hotels that Dublin or Belfast may have to offer - but that may cost you an arm and a leg - why not instead spend your hard earned money more wisely this spring on one of the many great holiday cottages in either Ireland or Northern Ireland. Self Catering Northern Ireland offers excellent quality holiday accommodation for the young backpacker, world traveler or even a family holidaymaker that is on a tight budget the opportunity to enjoy the stunning natural countryside and rolling scenery of Ireland and Northern Ireland - without breaking the bank with a huge hotel bill that may take many months of hard work to pay off. There are many great locations to visit that offer such packages including Donegal, Antrim, Kerry or Cork. So why not save money on your holiday accommodation this spring season - as well as on the price of food and of course eating out - when you can cook your own healthy meals at your own leisure in one of these great holiday homes Northern Ireland.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Visit Majorca - One of the Best Holiday Destinations in Spain

The island of Majorca has for many years now, proven to be one of the most popular and frequently visited holiday destinations in Spain for holidaymakers from the UK and other countries in Western Europe. Situated in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and has always had a great deal to offer visitors of all types. Indeed, whether you are looking to soak up some summer sunshine and relax on the beach or by the swimming pool with your family or children, or are alternatively looking for a wilder and booze filled party holiday with the lads, Majorca holidays have always offered affordable and fun packed times for its visitors of all types and demographics. From the UK it is very easily accessible by plane - with flight times in the region of two to two and a half hours. There are also many great package holidays to Majorca available at fantastically low prices these days so a holiday in the sun wont cost you an arm and a leg either. The towns on the island are famous for their great nightlife and restaurants, and during the day there are many great activities for all the family such as water parks and beautiful sandy beaches. If you are looking for a great holiday this summer why not check out a holiday for you and your family or friends now!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Visiting the Last Surviving Wonder of the World in Egypt

As many a student and scholar will know, one of the great stories and legends of the ancient world is that of the seven wonders of the world. These truly great constructions are often considered as the ultimate pinnacle and towering feats of human endeavour - and were once collectively considered the main architectural achievements of a society that existed long before our time. While 6 of these 7 great monuments are no longer of this realm, it is an impressive omen in itself that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt still remains intact - and therefore survives as a towering example of what humanity could achieve in the ancient world so many hundreds of years before modern building technology or construction techniques was even dreamt of. The Great Pyramid of Giza today forms one of the major visitor attractions and key places of interest for any tourist visiting Egypt. Incredibly this magnificent structure remains intact today in spite of being completed in around 2551 BC - making it the oldest of all the seven wonders of the ancient world. If you are on a backpacking trip or a holiday to Egypt this truly stunning structure is an absolute must see on your visit to the country. The pyramid is truly something magnificent to behold, and it is mind boggling to comprehend how such things could be achieved over two and a half thousand years ago.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best European Backpacking Destinations: Bucharest

It seems to me that the city of Bucharest is often overlooked by people planning holidays here in the UK - which is quite surprising considering that the city has a lot to offer for anyone looking to take a short break in Europe, particularly on a tight budget. If you are on a backpacking trip around the region of Eastern Europe then without a doubt, you must at least pop in and visit the city for a few days. While it may not have the glamorous image held by many of its European counterparts, Romania’s capital has some real hidden gems amongst the concrete blocks that tend to dominate the skyline - with neoclassical architecture that has a style all of its own hidden away, just waiting to be discovered by the young intrepid traveller. Although the city is still shadowed somewhat by its Communist history and former leader Nicolae Ceausescu, with Romania joining the EU at the start of 2007, the city is becoming increasingly accessible for outsiders such as holidaymakers and backpackers. In Bucharest the temperatures can be very cold in winter - but the summer offers very high temperatures and a very dry climate. Accommodation is very cheap and accessible, with Bucharest apartments in particular offering excellent value for money if you are backpacking on a tight budget.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best US Holiday Destinations: Las Vegas

Now that we are out of the hectic Christmas and New Year period and my life has returned to some sort of parity again, I’ve been giving some more serious thought to planning my next holiday travel destinations to visit in 2010. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time travelling and backpacking in Europe over the last few years - and while this has been fantastic fun, meeting some great people, and I would always recommend it to any one - I think its time for me to explore some pastures new a little further from home. I’ve been considering doing the whole West Coast USA thing as many of my friends have recommended it as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. I have been grabbed by the idea of renting a car and checking out all the unusual scenes and landscape of the desert and surrounding areas - and of course visiting some of the great cities in the region like Las Vegas. It looks like a real great city to go and party for someone my age, packed with all the grand style Vegas hotels, bars, clubs, music and live entertainment that you come to expect from one of the worlds most famous places to take a break. Basically, I’m looking to soak up all the fun and bright lights that the city of Las Vegas has to offer - without breaking the bank! Indeed, I’ve already committed a bit of time looking online for some cheap hotels and flights to try and find something affordable within my budgets - then of course there are also a raft of discount saving Vegas coupons which you can get hold of online to save yourself a few good bucks along the way. Now all I need to do is keep working hard and save up some cash then I can get back on a plane and get out of here once again!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Teen Service Programs Offer Great Experiences For Young Travellers

Are you a student looking to fill your year out? Looking to meet other like minded young people, make new friends and gain great life experiences? If this sounds like something you would be interested in then I would highly suggest taking advantage of the trips that a teen service can offer you. Backpacking and adventure holiday package trips such as these can be a great way for young people to spend a gap year, take some time out from college, and ultimately help you develop as an individual. Teen Service Programs offer young people a great chance to see new and exciting parts of the world and enjoy adventure holidays in numerous locations across the globe in safe and well structured surroundings. With trips available to Europe, Central America, USA and Canada, Asia, Africa and Oceania there is surely going to be a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime - no matter where in the world you are thinking of traveling to. Book online now for exhilarating and exciting experiences that will give you memories that will last a lifetime. So why not challenge yourself as a person and become stronger through these unique experiences? Book today and pack your rucksack for the holiday of a lifetime!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Away For The Weekend With Winter City Breaks In Europe

Anyone else feel like they need to get away for a short city break somewhere? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty fed up with all the freezing cold weather and snow were having in England at the moment. It’s cold, dark and quite frankly, all a little depressing sat in the office at the moment. Think its time to get the lads back together and visit some of the fantastic cities I’ve already visited on my backpacking travels around Europe. You may notice that in some of my older posts I wrote a backpackers guide to Barcelona - without a doubt one of my favourite cities to visit because it has something for everyone from the football fan, food lovers and those who are interested in the arts. Luckily at this time of year in particular I’ve found that you can get cheap flights to Barcelona relatively easily - and you can always save money by booking online. I remember visiting the city in January 2008 and was pleasantly surprised that the temperatures are still very mild - certainly a lot higher than the sub zero temperatures we’ve got in the UK at the moment.
If Spain is not the place for you, then maybe you could try a short winter break to Paris? If you are traveling with a partner as a young couple then maybe Paris could be a better option for you. Please take the time to read my blog post review of the city to get a great travel guide to France’s capital - and hopefully learn about all the best sights to see in this beautiful, historic and romantic city. Again, it seems that flights to Paris are pretty inexpensive at the this time of the year, so I would probably now is a great time to let your hair down for a few nights and begin to enjoy fine wining and dining in some of the best restaurants that Europe has to offer. So what are you waiting for, check out my city guides and forget the winter blues - get yourself on that plane right now!