Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Euro Holiday Destinations: Advice on Travel Insurance & Legal Claims

 It may seem a little pessimistic, but before you even think about setting set off on a backpacking holiday or vacation to any of the best holiday destinations in Europe that are discussed here in my blog, you should always be fully prepared for a worst case scenario. For this reason I would always ensure that you have sufficient travel insurance coverage to suit the activities that you are likely to take part in on your trip. Although travel insurance policies for single trips and holidays to Europe are readily available online these days from just a few pounds, if you are planning a longer excursion (perhaps on a month long backpacking holiday) or are planning on taking part in any extreme sports or other potentially dangerous activities during your visit then you will need to ensure that your policy covers the worst case scenario in such eventualities before you take out the policy.

     Travelling in Europe should always be a fun experience you remember for the rest of your life - and for the vast majority of backpackers and holidaymakers on the continent this will be the case - but please also keep in mind that at some of the holiday destinations in Europe you may plan to visit on your travels, you may possibly find that the standard of health and safety can on occasions be less thorough and strictly regulated than the conditions we are perhaps used to here in the UK. For this very reason, proper preparation as well as due vigilance and care for your personal safety are always essential.

      If the worst happens and you do fall foul of an injury or illness whilst on your holiday, then it’s always advisable to seek the advice and expertise of a qualified holiday claim specialist or solicitor who will be able to give you greater clarification on your legal options, should you wish to pursue them. In many cases, any initial enquiries you make are usually available for free, and you may find that seeking legal advice in such scenarios is often far less intimidating than one would potentially expect. If the accident or illness that occurred on your holiday was not through any fault of your own, it is possible you could be entitled to varying levels of compensation – but the help of experts in the field is invariably the best path to take to explore your options.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Non Euro Holiday Destinations: Go On Safari!

If you are looking for an exotic holiday destination with a difference this winter then why not jet off on one of the great safari holidays available in locations across East Africa. If you tire of looking at the architecture, museums and art galleries that adorn Europe’s great cities and instead are looking for one of the best holiday destinations that will allow the visitor to get away from urbanised areas, then there is probably no better way of experiencing the great outdoors, going back to nature and seeing Africa’s vibrant and varied wildlife.

A Kenya safari will doubtlessly offer the traveler a holiday of a lifetime - and unique experiences of another world and way of life. With cultures, peoples and landscapes so different to those found in both urban and even rural Europe safari holidays can offer the visitor and exciting step into the unknown. With incredible natural wildlife seldom seen in the wild in many other locations across the world that includes mighty elephants, fleet footed leopards and powerful rhinos, there is no better way to enjoy these animals in there natural habitat than going away on Safari.