Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best Holiday Destinations in France – Nice

The beautiful city of Nice or indeed Nice la Belle as the locals so frequently refer to it is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations that France has to offer. Situated on the South East French coast there is much more to this historical and fascinating place than just the consistently great weather that it experiences – with mild winters and fantastically sunny summers.

Take a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais and absorb all the customary charm of the French coastline that understandably attracts thousands of visitors each year – making it France’s second most popular holiday destination. Enjoy all the hustle and bustle of milling around the city squares such as Place Massena and Place Garibaldi. Wander around the city and take in its beautiful architectural features with the hot sun on your neck. Nice will offer visitors a fine unique taste of the South of France. If you are looking for a place to stay you could consider booking out holiday apartments in Nice France, or for those who are privileged to afford it you should check out the luxurious and famous Hotel Negresko.

Best Holiday Destinations Outside Europe – New Zealand

If you are considering taking a holiday a little further afield than the confines of the continent of Europe this summer, there are of course many great places around the world to choose from. However, when it comes to those people who have a great sense of adventure, want to travel to distant lands and that have an undying passion for the great outdoors, why not think big and take the plunge and travel to New Zealand.

When it comes to unspoilt natural beauty, New Zealand has to be one of the best holiday destinations outside of Europe – and what better way to enjoy the scenery at your own pace and leisure than taking advantage of the services offered from many of the great campervan hire companies. Campervanhire New Zealand allows holiday makers the freedom to explore this great nation without constraint - and lets travellers reach the more remote locations away from the city. Take your time to travel across both the North and South Islands and explore the country and see the beautiful night stars. With stunning national parks that are just begging for a visit, you can enjoy hiking and other outdoor pursuits and at the end of the day you will always be sure you have a bed that travels round with you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Key Things to Plan for Your Holiday in Europe

So your flights are booked, the hotel reservation has been made, you are confident you’ve got a fantastically priced deal and you are finally starting to day dream and get excited about your forthcoming summer holiday outing in Europe. It’s natural and extremely easy for people of all ages to get sucked in to all the excitement and hysteria that surrounds a summer vacation, but in order to get the best out of your holiday there are several key things to remember to sort out before you get on the plane and jet off to the summer sunshine.

     First of all, regardless of your destination in Europe, one thing you are almost certain to need is local currency to spend on your holiday – regardless of whether you plan to live lavishly or prudently on your visit. While these days it is possible to get currency at the airport and on arrival at the holiday destination you are visiting, it is almost inevitable that exchanging cash in the local bureau de change will leave you a little short when it comes to getting a fair exchange rate. Planning ahead therefore, you should always consider places in which you can get commission free travel money. There are now a number of online venders who offer a commission free service on Euros and other European currencies, and will allow travellers cheques and holiday money delivered to your door at your convenience. Services such as this are quick and convenient – particularly if you are unable to get to the town centre in the days leading up to departure.

      Another thing any holidaymaker should never leave home without is travel insurance. While the last thing anyone wants to feel before they set off on their summer holiday is pessimistic, it goes without saying it is always better to be safe than sorry. Curtailments and cancellations are unfortunately things that can affect all of us when we least expect it – and while it may be the last thing you want to think about on a holiday trip you should never get on a flight without already having sufficient medical cover in place for the region to which you are travelling. Travel insurance policies these days are very competitively priced and can be easily sorted out before you travel by booking online – so for the sake of a few quid you can have much greater peace of mind should the worst case scenario occur.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best Winter Holiday Destinations in Europe

When looking for a fabulous winter adventure, why not consider activity holidays in Lapland, Finland where fun and excitement is awaiting the entire family on an adventure break. Visitors can plan a guided winter adventure that consists of snowmobiling, dog sledding and hiking through the beautiful landscape. Tourists to this winter wonderland will also have the unique experience of seeing and learning about reindeer.

Husky dog sledding is one of the more popular activities in Lapland. This is an adventure that will be remembered for years to come and makes for a great family experience. Not only will visitors have the chance to experience dog sledding, but they will get to see some of the most beautiful winter scenery in the world.

Lapland is the perfect destination for any family that is looking for great outdoor adventures on a holiday. From spending simple days hiking on snowy trails to the excitement of a snowmobile race, Lapland has so much to offer visitors. There are also many fine resorts in the area, so after a long, cold day communing with nature, families can retreat to a cosy fire for a night of relaxation.

One of the most exciting and unique experiences will be viewing the northern lights. There are guided tours in the evening that will take travellers to remote locations for a perfect view of the lights in the sky. A winter holiday to Lapland will be as exciting as it is relaxing and will make for precious memories in the future.

Umbria or Tuscany for your Next Italy Holiday?

When planning a holiday to Italy, one of the places you should ensure that you spend some time in is Umbria. This region is known as the “Green Heart” of Italy because of the vast rolling hills and it is this beautiful vista which has contributed to Umbria becoming one of the top holiday destinations in Italy.

While in Umbria, make sure to pay a visit to Perugia, an ancient capital of the region. This town has a lot of history much of which is still apparent from the ancient buildings and these now sit comfortably alongside many modern buildings including a University.  The city is also home to an internationally known Jazz Festival and a Chocolate Festival both of which should definitely not be missed.

Assisi is another ‘must see’ destination on an Umbrian holiday. Once a Roman colony, Assisi is known for being the home of Saint Francis and the tomb of the Saint can be visited at the Saint Francis Basilica which is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Italy.

If you are looking for a quiet and romantic Italian holiday, consider Tuscany. This is a region full of breathtaking architecture, beautiful landscapes and amazing Italian cuisine all of which make Tuscany a popular destination for newlyweds.  The romance of the area can be felt throughout the region and with the option of renting luxury Tuscany villas and farmhouses, you will surely find the perfect romantic getaway in Tuscany.

Italian holidays are becoming more and more popular every year and Umbria and Tuscany are likely to remain at top of the list for popular destinations for some time. Both have great qualities that make them amongst the best holiday destinations in Europe.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tenerife or Gran Canaria for Winter Holidays in Europe?

Tenerife and Gran Canaria are both popular destinations for a winter holiday. Their all year round comfortable climates and abundant sunshine make them ideal choices when tourists are looking to escape the harshness of the winter at home.

Tenerife holidays in winter make for an interesting option because it offers a large selection of island houses that can be hired as holiday homes. Many of these homes are located on some of the best beaches in the area, including Playa Grande, Playa las Vistas and Playa Las Gaviotas. The beaches themselves offer useful tourist facilities and an array of water sports, making this a great location for families.

For those who don’t want to spend their whole holiday soaking up the sun, Tenerife is also a great place to explore Mount Teide, an active volcano. This is an experience that no tourist should miss on their holiday with the summit reminiscent of a lunar landscape.

The climate in Gran Canaria is warmer than Tenerife and is correspondingly one of the most popular winter holiday destinations. There are some beautiful beaches which are well served by local restaurants, bars and shops.  There are also conveniently situated golf courses and the nearby streets are quiet and quaint and house many small coffee shops and eateries.

Gran Canaria is known for having an active nightlife and is a great choice for younger visitors. There are many bars and nightclubs that come alive after the sun sets so when travelling on a winter holiday with a family, Tenerife may be the better choice because there are more family oriented activities and sites to visit.

Meribel: Amongt Best Ski Holiday Destinations in Europe

Meribel is home to some of the most interesting skiing in France and the valley itself has more than 100 miles of trails to ensure that skiers’ interest does not wane whilst on holiday. The valley is situated so that skiers are in the sun all day, making this one of the best skiing holiday destinations in the world. The resort have ensured perfect powder throughout the season with snow machines, which are used to keep all slopes nicely covered for a full season of ski activities. Meribel is also known as a great resort for those learing to ski for the first time and Meribel ski schools are some of the best in the French Alps.

Any visitor will have a thrilling experience on the slopes because despite Meribel being a challenging mountain, it is so designed that it offers slopes for every skier, from beginner to expert. The extensive lift system is laid out in such a way that it ensures that all skiers will have no problem reaching the summit and choosing their slope.

A key feature of Meribel is the V shaped valley which adds to the excitement and challenge of the more advanced slopes, with some steep descents ideal for more adventurous skiers.  Guides are available for skiers looking to tackle these challenging slopes in a safer way with advice on how best to approach these new slopes.

There are also designated areas for those who snowboard. As with the ski slopes the designated boarding areas have slopes to suit all levels of ability.  This has become one of the most popular ski resorts in the area, attracting thousands of skiers and boarders each season. With classes available, families with small children can enjoy the slopes and guides are always available for those who wish to tackle the expert areas.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Renting Luxury Holiday Homes in Italy

Finding the best luxury holiday home in the best location is an important part of planning your Italian holiday. Tuscany is home to some of the most luxurious and extravagant villas in Italy and renting an Italian holiday home in this iconic location will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.  Choose the right option and you will find yourself living in the lap of luxury while on your holiday

Many of the holiday home rentals in the area include private pools, gardens, fireplaces and Jacuzzis. Most rentals are available for a week at a time or longer if you want to make that fantastic trip even better. All are very spacious and completely furnished, so you will never want for anything and very quickly you will feel right at home while staying in a luxury villa.

For a taste of the truly rustic Italy, there are also some farmhouses that are available to rent as a holiday home. Whilst by their very nature these will not provide many of the modern amenities of a villa, the farmhouses do provide a charm and luxury quite unlike anything else. The traditional exteriors are beautifully complemented by the furnishings which are often ornate and antique, making for a romantic atmosphere throughout your stay. The farmhouses are set on beautiful tracts of land, surrounded by breath taking gardens, trails and scenery that cannot be found elsewhere.

Renting a luxury home is one of the best ways to enjoy a holiday in Italy. It allows you the freedom to go out and enjoy the country and then return to the comforts of home.

Discover The Secrets of Hidden Provence

Provence in France is a rugged region that still has some of the old Provencal values of the simple life. Many people travel to this region to get a taste of true French history, to learn about the local culture and to experience some of the finest French cuisine available anywhere in the country. While almost everyone is familiar with Provence, there is another area that many tourists are unaware of, the Haute Provence, which is located just northeast of Marseille.

     This location is not a tourist trap. Instead, it is full of real people living a simple life. The countryside is spectacular and makes for some amazing photo opportunities however the land in the area is not fertile and local farmers will work narrow terraces that are built on the hillsides. These provide just enough room to grow some vegetables. Unlike other areas in France, the landscape is not as lush with flora and fauna, but the scenery is still breathtaking.  Even with the unfertile land, visitors will notice a large array of medicinal herbs growing virtually everywhere.

     The waterways of this hidden Provence, including the rivers of Verdon and Durance are beautiful. In fact, the road that travels along the Verdon River is known as one of the most exciting drives in all of Europe.
The cuisine in the area cannot be explained, it must be experienced. The cooking is simplicity at its best and many of the ingredients are grown in the wild and almost every dish will contain an assortment of locally grown herbs. Cuisine wise, the area is known throughout the world for what is regarded as a delicacy; that of the black truffle.

     One of the best ways to enjoy a holiday in this unforgettable region of France is to rent one of the many holiday villas in Provence, as these are often historic farms and houses located in beautiful villages.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Golf Holidays in Europe – Spain or Portugal?

Spain and Portugal are two hugely popular destinations for people looking to go on a golf holiday. Since the climate is comfortable all year round, these countries can offer golf throughout the year which is clearly an enormous draw for all golfers.  The sheer number of courses on offer also means that players will get to enjoy the sun and the variety of playing a number of different courses on their golf holiday.

     When planning golf holidays in Spain, one of the most popular locations to play at is Costa del Sol. Here, golfers will find a selection of beautiful courses including the Valderrama Golf Course.  In 1997, Valderrama hosted the Ryder Cup and has since been a top golf destination for players from around the world. Other areas of Spain that are also great choices for golf include Costa Blanca, Almeria and the Costa de la Luz which has become a very popular area for those looking for a memorable day on the golf course. Spain is one of the cheaper countries in which to play golf, especially on the Costa del Sol and this is due to the sheer number of courses and the corresponding competition between them which drives down the prices in order to attract players.

     Portugal continues to be one of the more popular destinations for a golf holiday. In the Algarve, players will have the opportunity to play on some championship courses, including the notable Pestana resort. There are a number of stunning golf courses in Lisbon, which also include fine hotels located next to many of the courses to make the golfing holiday even more enjoyable.

Buying a Holiday Home in the Algarve Sun

Many people have the dream of owning a holiday home in Portugal, and locations such as the Algarve are very popular. This area is known to be a piece of heaven where you can retreat from the chaos of everyday life and relax in the sun. The mild climate and laid-back lifestyle make for the perfect holiday home location.
     The Algarve is one of the most ideal destinations in the world for buying a holiday home because here holiday homes are affordable and the climate of Portugal makes it a location that can be enjoyed all year long. When buying property in the Algarve sun, there are some important things to consider, including the most obvious factors, those of location and price. Many people who are looking to purchase a holiday home want to be in a remote area that is nonetheless also in close proximity to a city. On the Algarve this is eminently possible along with buying a holiday home that nestles beautifully by the water’s edge.

     The property prices will vary, depending on the size and location of the home, so once you decide how much you can afford; selecting the perfect home from home will be the fun part. There are many beautiful homes available, all within close proximity to sandy beaches, great golf courses and the capital city of Lisbon.

     Buying a holiday home in Algarve Sun should prove to be a rewarding investment, providing you and your family with a perfect getaway destination whenever you need it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Non Euro Holiday Destinations - Botswana Safari Holidays

If you are considering a holiday destination beyond the realms of Europe, Botswana safari holidays are becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason. Botswana is an interesting country which features so much more than just deserts and arid land.  Botswana has some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the world making this location a very popular destination in which to take a safari holiday.  A key part of the country in which to view some of this wildlife is the oasis of lagoons and waterways which make up the Okavango Delta. The lush watering holes which prove a draw for the wildlife will ensure that any safari holiday here will provide a wide range of exotic flora and fauna, including wild birds, giraffe and zebra.

Visitors looking to see the magnificent elephant herds should ensure that they also spend time in the Chobe region, where the elephant population is high. The beauty of Botswana is such that whatever time of year travellers visit there will be fantastic sights to see.  When visiting between November and March, tourists will be able to watch the migratory activities of various birds and between December and May is a great time to see vegetation and blooming flowers.

Botswana safaris make for the perfect holiday for any family. It is a learning experience for children and adults and a rare opportunity to see some of the most amazing creatures in the wild. Botswana ensures that tourists will be able to choose between a variety of safaris. They can, for example, spend time on small boats in the river viewing birds and marine life, or they can venture into the plains to see wild elephants, baboons and other unique animals.

A Botswana safari holiday will be like no other holiday and will create family memories which will last a lifetime.

The Best Beach Holiday Destinations in Menorca

The island of Menorca is home to some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.  Alongside this beauty is the key advantage that many of the beaches include the use of facilities and have been specifically developed to accommodate tourists.  The Arenal d’en Castell is one of the more popular beaches and this is directly attributable to the bay of crystal clear waters and fine sand.  This is one of the most visited beaches by tourists and it correspondingly offers refreshments and a variety of tourist services.

Binibequer is a smaller beach that offers a bit of privacy for visitors.  Despite its small size it also provides all of the useful tourist trappings and has many areas of shallow waters that make for a perfect outdoor beach holiday for families with small children.  The Cala Blanca and Cala en Porter beaches are also excellent tourist beaches conveniently located for easy access from some of the more popular resorts in the area.

When looking for natural beauty, one should look no further than Cala Santa Galdana. This beach is located near a large resort and has beach services, facilities, water sports and is consequently a great choice for any travelling family. For those that are seeking a bit of adventure on their trip to the beach, Cales Coves is the place to go as there are more than 100 caves that can be explored and a cliff that looks over a bay. This beach offers the best alternative to a day lazing in the sun and the variety and number of caves on offer is likely to keep the most energetic holidaymaker busy all day.