Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things to remember if you’re moving to Malta

Malta is a big hit with tourists but it is also becoming increasingly popular with people wanting to move abroad, maybe for work or just a new lifestyle. Here are a few things you need to remember if you are making the move:

Your Sunday best

Malta is largely a Catholic country, in fact it is one of the most Catholic countries in the world. More than 50% of inhabitants go to church for regular services and this statistic is huge compared to church-going in the UK.

A phrasebook

English is widely spoken in Mata which is of course great news for Brits abroad. However, the local language is Maltese so if you are going to spend some considerable time there you should make an effort to get to grips with the local tongue.

Your sun cream

Malta has a great climate, which is why so many people holiday and move there. This means hot sun in the summer, so don’t forget to slap on the sun cream to protect your (possibly pasty) British skin.

An international removals firm

Shipping your possessions abroad can seem like quite a task, but it’s a breeze with an international removals firm. Goods can be shipped quickly to your destination and to your new home quite inexpensively, and this takes all the hard work out of moving abroad. To learn more about moving your possessions to Malta click this link to learn more.

Why you should order holiday money online and other travel money tips

If you have a holiday or a foreign business trip on the horizon it makes sense to prepare as fully as you can. This can involve shopping for the right clothes, learning about your destination and changing your currency.

To get the most for your sterling nowadays it pays – literally – to buy your foreign currency online. There are numerous benefits to getting your foreign currency this way, from convenience to better rates.

Order your currency online – the best currency exchange rates are always available online these days. This means that by ordering over the net you can get more for your money, which is always an attractive prospect.

Don’t buy currency at the airport – the currency experts at this company also warn you not to buy your currency at the airport. You will pay a premium price for it and much more than if you buy online.

Take different payment methods – cash is the preferred format of traders, bar owners and waiters, and it makes things simple, but it is not safe. Take travellers cheques and currency cards as well, and you shouldn’t get into any serious financial trouble on your break. There are also currency cards which you can load with money so they act like debit cards and they are great for security and budgeting. 

Click here for more information on how to check the latest foreign currency rates online.