Saturday, July 4, 2009

Best Boat Trips and Excursions from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is undeniably in my mind the true beauty and Jewel of the Adriatic sea. The architecture of the Old Town, its rich art and culture, the delicious fresh seafood and overall quality of life found in the city is surely second to none in the region and if you travel there you will already know that the people are always very friendly and hospitable to backpackers. However, as beautiful as it is, there is in my experience much more to a trip to Dubrovnik than just what can be found inland and if you ever get bored of the Old Town, Copacabana beach and the Lapad region of the city, you may be interested in booking one of the numerous boat trip excursions available to the many small islands that are found of Croatia's South Dalmation Coast.

One day whilst traveling in Dubrovnik I took a boat trip to the nearby Elafiti islands. These excursions are widely touted on the main strip of Lapad's bars with many competing companies vieing for the business of young travelers, and if you shop around you are sure to find a good price (I ended up paying a little under £20 for the entire trip and a delicious grilled fish lunch and free wine was included on the boat in that price).

The Elafiti islands themselves are unique and gorgeous to behold in their own right. Our boat trip took us to three of these islands in a single excursion: Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud. I found that each of the islands has its own unique charm - with Lopud in particular a fantastic place to visit. It has a really cool sandy beach (Sunj beach) where you can paddle out to around 80m without the depth going over chest high. This beach is also ideal for snorkeling with lots of fish and crabs to be found near the rocks on the left side of the beach. In the summer season you will find that kayaks can be rented to take a quick trip out into the bay at a few pounds per hour. Lopud also has an old monastery which is well worth a visit.
As well as the frequent cruises and backpackers that visit the city, Dubrovnik is also proving to become increasingly popular with newly married couples because of the unrivalled beauty of its architecture, its stunning sandy beaches and numerous fantastic restaurants which together make the city a perfect romantic holiday destination for young couples. If you have friends who are newly web planning a trip to the city, make sure you give them a great send off with a great selection of beach wedding favors to let them really make the most of their beach wedding or honeymoon trip.