Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tenerife Ranks Amongst Most Affordable Family Holiday Destinations in Europe

In what remain difficult financial times for many UK families, it is to be expected that perhaps now more than ever, holidaymakers in the UK are spending greater amounts of time searching for the perfect family holiday packages that offer fun, great weather and relaxation and everything else you would expect from a family break – but critically; all at the best possible price. With the ongoing impact of the economic recession still lingering large over the heads of the European holiday industry, there has therefore been a noticeable knock on effect of increasing pressures for travel agents and holiday companies alike to provide even greater value for money for their clientele – but without any noticeable detrimental impact on the quality of holiday experience. Whilst many holiday destinations in both Europe and further afield have felt the effects of the global economic recession on their tourist sectors over the last couple of years – it may be surprising (but reassuring) to know that recent figures suggest some of Europe’s best loved holiday locations remain as popular as ever for UK tourists.

Indeed, it seems it is not all doom and gloom for UK holidaymakers, as in many respects the increase in competition and greater economic restraints being experienced by British families is in some cases driving the cost of family package deals down – thereby making more and more cheap holidays and flight deals available on the high street – but particularly from online agencies and websites. These have in turn helped some of Europe’s most popular destinations rise above the holiday industry slump. One such example is the island of Tenerife which has for many years been a highly popular destination for holidaymakers from the UK. Figures suggest that Tenerife has in experienced a growth in visitor figures during 2010 – even at the height of the UK recession - with reported growth figures in the early part of the year around the 2.5% mark compared with those observed in the early months of the year 2009. With cheap holiday deals and flight bookings available online through a range of vendors it seems that destinations such as Tenerife are set to remain extremely popular in spite of tough economic times for many families.

Delving further into these trends, analysts within the tourism industry have suggested that recent growth in some of the newer resorts in the Northern region of the island such as Las Caletillas becoming increasingly well known internationally may have contributed to this growth for the island of Tenerife in particular, although some similar growths in visitor numbers of approximately 2% have been experienced in some Southern sections of the island. Here, holiday resorts such as Los Cristianos and Playa De Las Americas are as always proving to be amongst the most popular visitor destinations for holiday makers from the UK and Europe.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Live the Holiday Highlife with Skippered Yacht Charter

For those that are lucky enough to be able to afford it, there are surely few better luxury vacation experiences that can be had in Europe than those that can be found on a skippered yacht charter holiday. Close your eyes and think of life on the ocean waves in the hot sunshine with the cool gentle breeze on your face and embrace the thought of what can only be described as a truly unique holiday trip. Such experiences can be a genuine once in a lifetime event for an individual to take alongside their family, good friends or work colleagues - thus allowing them to enjoy all the excitement, adventure and pleasure you would expect of any great sailing holiday in Europe with a group of your closest companions.

     Spending your time in the beautiful sunshine and open ocean is something many of us can only dream of but skippered yacht charter holidays allow this dream to become a reality - and with the added benefit of having an experienced skipper and crew to help you learn and hone your skills, you can be more assured and at ease whilst traveling across the seas. Skippered charter holidays offer all the great benefits of bareboat charters - but with an experienced skipper on board you can also allow yourself more time to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. Skippered charter vacations are available in many European locations but primarily in the Mediterenean regions of Greece, Turkey, and Croatia - all regions of Europe that are fantastic to visit in their own right.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Terrific Tuscany - Birthplace of Modern Europe

Few existing regions of Europe can surely paint such a romantic and idealistic picture in ones mind than those that are drummed up by the sheer imagery of Tuscany and its stunning historical capital Florence. Famed the world over for its rich and immeasurably important historical contribution to the fields of European arts, music, the sciences and high culture - the region that has over the years remained synonymous with the birth of the Italian Renaissance offers holidaymakers and backpackers from across the globe a unique flavour of Europe that is quite unique and apart from any other area of Italy, Europe or any other place in the world.

     Famed for its museums and galleries including the Uffizi and Chianciano art museums that offer intriguing and stimulating insights into Europe's artistic traditions and history, Tuscany gives the visitor a sense of true awe - and if you can take the time to soak up the information and stunning visuals on offer here, hopefully an enhanced understanding of the region's lasting influence and legacy on modern Europe. Alongside the great Renaissance works that are housed in the museums of Florence (including such famous paintings such as The Birth of Venus by Botticelli), the entire region of Tuscany is dotted with beautiful churches and cathedrals each with their own beautiful and attractive interiors and ornate decorations.

     When looking at the various accommodation available in Tuscany you will tend to find that it is incredibly varied and is largely dependent on which area of the expansive 8,800 square mile region in which you find yourself in. With places to stay ranging from high priced but exceptional hotels to some equally fantastic villas in Tuscany with pool in some of the more rural areas. Hiring out a villa in Tuscany can be a great and relaxing way of spending a holiday with your partner in beautiful surroundings and rich history and culture.