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Overwater Bungalows: The True Meaning of Luxury

In the world of beach luxury, it doesn't get much better than overwater bungalows. These bungalows are designed with luxury, privacy, and exotic nature in mind. They typically fuse modern facilities with natural material to create beautiful holiday residences. They also sit on top of the ocean, allowing you to enjoy the delights of the sea throughout your stay. These residences are very intimate too, making them the perfect romantic destination.

What facilities to expect 

An overwater bungalow is an en-suite facility. It is designed like a hotel room, with a beautiful bed area, relaxing lounge, along with access to the sea. For more luxurious overwater bungalows, you even have a Jacuzzi and/or swimming pool area overlooking the ocean. For those built over coral reefs, they may have transparent floors that allow you to catch a glimpse of colorful fish and other sea creatures.

Where can they be found?

Most of the world’s overwater bungalows are located in the Asian islands of the Maldives. These beautiful islands are home to a wide assortment of luxury water bungalows run by some of the world’s most prestigious hospitality groups. Bora Bora comes in second, also with a large assortment of beautiful but very expensive bungalows. You can also find them in the Tahiti, Malaysia, Philippines, Caribbean, and Moorea.

Cheap options

For the average traveller, forking out between $800 - $1200 per night to enjoy these fine facilities is way out of their price range. Yet these are prices that are common when browsing through the list of elite overwater bungalow resorts. Fortunately, there are places in the world that you can stay for as low as $150 - $300 and still enjoy these luxurious facilities.

The Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas in Malaysia is the world’s biggest overwater bungalow resort. With a whooping 392 water villas, it quadruples the second largest in the world! This allows the resort to offer much more affordable pricing, as low as $106 per night. The villas themselves are quite large, with some even having 3 bedrooms, great for a family vacation.

Another resort worth looking into is the Medhufushi Island Resort in the Maldives. This 4-star resort offers stunning views, quality amenities, as well as great hospitality at prices that will leave you puzzled. The villas are perched over a beautiful lagoon, and the place receives great reviews. It is surprising therefore when you can pay $274 per night! Other places worth looking at include Meeru Island Resort & Spa in the Maldives, Vilu Reef Beach Resort also in the Maldives, Intercontinental Tahiti Resort, and the Hilton Maldives Irufushi Resort & Spa.

How to choose best overwater bungalow

In order to enjoy your stay, pick the water bungalow according to your needs. If you are looking for privacy, pick one out in the water that is facing the sea rather than the island. Also, if you are not too good at swimming, stick to bungalows that are closer to shore. Ensure that you pick the location properly too. Picking a bungalow in a coral area is great for seeing many different sea creatures, but may be scary for those who don’t want to swim next to unknown sea animals.

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