Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great Cycling Holiday Destinations in Europe

Cycling holidays are a great way of seeing some of the most attractive rural landscapes that can be found throughout Europe and also gives the holidaymaker the additional bonus of being able to enjoy Europe's mild summers - whilst getting in a good bit of exercise to boot! Here we examine some of Europe's top cycling holiday destinations:

Cycling in Provence, France

There are fewer areas of greater natural beauty throughout France than Provence - and what better way to get around the area than by bike as you pass through this rich and historic area of Europe. With Roman and medieval settlements to explore, and for the more adventurous; Mount Ventoux to traverse (the highest point in the Provence region). Meanwhile your trip will be broken up nicely with fantastic French food to keep you well fuelled for the next day's ride!

Cycling in Sardinia, Italy

Pack up your mountain bike and rucksack and head off for a great Italian cycling holiday in Sardinia. Enjoy all the ups and downs of this exciting cycling terrain as you head through Supramonte and enjoy all the great unnatural scenery that Sardinia offers visitors from around the world - but make sure you are well filled on the local pasta as these trips are not for the faint hearted!

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