Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hiking Up the Three Peaks in the Yorkshire Dales, UK

Those who love the great outdoors who have a chance to travel to the North of England – particularly if you are staying in or around the Yorkshire Dales National Park – should plan a day visiting the so called “Yorkshire Three Peaks”. As the name suggests, the area comprises of 3 moderate mountains which are part of the famous Pennine range which defines the physical landscape of this area of the UK. The peaks are Whernside (the largest at 736 metres), Ingleborough (second at 723 metres and my personal favourite) and Pen-y-ghent (smallest at 694 metres high).

While scaling all three and the distances between them is certainly not a challenge to be taken on by the faint hearted, it is achievable for the extremely fit who are well prepared, have sufficient time available and attempt the hike in good weather conditions. Most visitors prefer to tackle just one of the slopes – which can be achieved in an afternoon – but be warned even in summer conditions can be cold and wet making outdoor clothing and strong suitable footwear essential.

The photos here are taken on a rare sunny day up in the Dales - which is perhaps the most physically demanding of the peaks due to the very steep steps that are encountered further into the walk.

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