Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beautiful Beaches in South Thailand

I have been lucky enough spend around 3 weeks during November 2012 visiting Bangkok, as well as a range of beaches in southern Thailand's beautiful islands. Here are some of my own snaps of a few of my favourites taken on my backpacking travels.

Bhoput Beach (Koh Samui)

Koh Samui is somewhat westernised and touristy these days - but the tiny fishing village of Bhoput still retains a little of its old school charm amongst its small strip of bars and restaurants as well as a beautiful beach.

Sairee Beach (Koh Tao)

Think Thailand, think tropical island paradise, think Kho Tao and dream of Sairee. Divers and snorkellers flood to Kho Tao for its fantastic facilities and wide range of trips in and around this wonderful island, and many find a home from home at the beautiful beach at Sairee.

Klong Dao Beach (Koh Lanta)

My favourite of Thailands "resort" destinations, there can be few better placves to enjoy a beachside sunset than Klong Dao.

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